4 Supernatural BL to Read if You Liked Mignon

The supernatural vampire Boy’s Love, Mignon, debuted a little over two weeks ago and I’m still thinking about it. In general, I don’t usually lean into supernatural romances. Every now and then though, I do find some that I become obsessed with. I find that I enjoy supernatural stories that have a good balance of romance with fantasy elements. Too much fantasy and I’m getting confused, and too little, I ask why they bothered.

As I can’t stop thinking about Mignon, I decided to revisit some of my other favorite supernatural Boy’s Love stories and share those. With a healthy mix of other beings, spirits, and demons, this list has a little bit of everything.


Billy Balibally – Volumes One and Two are Available in Print and Digital from TOKYOPOP

I am obsessed with FANGS and once you check it out, I promise you will be too. FANGS is a refreshing take on the popular vampire themes. Instead of the usual tired vampire x human relationship, it’s wired: the main couple are both vampires! With a fresh vampire and a seasoned vet, FANGS navigates love, sex, and vampirism in the best way.

Midnight Bookstore

tacocasi – Available on Futekiya/Manga Planet

In Midnight Bookstore, a graduate student Komiya ends up working at a bookstore under its owner, Nishi. Little does Komiya know, the bookstore has services magical clients, like Gods and Yokais. Due to a magical mishap, Komiya gets even closer to his boss Nishi, and struggles to hide his romantic feelings. I really enjoyed Midnight Bookstore, because its supernatural elements are based on Japanese lore, so you will recognize themes seen in series like Kamisama Kiss and xxxHolic.

The Cat Proposed

Dento Hayane – Available in Print and Digital from TOKYOPOP

There is something so beautiful about The Cat Proposed, it is really hard to put into words. The story is about an overworked man, Matoi Souta, who is on the brink of committing suicide. After his almost attempt, he ends up seeing a Japanese play and accidentally gets involved with a Bakeneko, a supernatural cat from Japanese lore. While I of course love the romance elements, the themes of mental health, rest, and burnout resonated with me the most.


Ranmaru Zariya – Available in Print and Digital from SuBLime

It’s usually hard to talk about vampires without mentioning werewolves in the most commonly known vampire stories. However, Coyote takes place in a world where werewolves exist and can fall in love with humans. Not only that, there is also a mafia set to take out the werewolves. Can a human and a werewolf make it when all the odds are stacked against them?

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