Boxer x Vampire Boy’s Love? Let’s talk about MIGNON [Video & Transcript]

At first glance, Mignon looks like a sexy thriller between a vampire and a boxer. But under the surface, lies a touching story of salvation.

The following is a rough outline of the script I recorded the video with.


  • This video will discuss the entirety of Mignon, episodes 1-12. After the synopsis, will be a more in-depth breakdown of the story that will contain spoilers. If you haven’t watched it yet, pause the video and come back.
  • I was introduced to Mignon sometime last year after discovering Hyperventilation and wanting more. I discovered the trailer and was immediately hooked.
  • Finally, it was released this past weekend and I purchased all 12 episodes.


  • It’s an original animation From ABJ Company which also animated Hyperventilation
  • Per their Instagram bio, they are a webtoon agency, they have published the physical manhwas in Korea for On or Off, Under the GreenLight, and Work-Life Balance.
  • Their YouTube channel also has some promotional videos for a Work-Life balance animation, the sequel to On or Off
  • They also have an animated PV for Under the Green Light


  • From ABJ Company:

After losing his parents at a young age, Mignon lives as a mechanic by day, and a cage fighter by night at an illegal arena. Living a life of exploitation and violence, the only person who gives him any attention is Oh Young-One, a doctor at the illegal arena. “I’ll do anything…! I… I can help you!” Despite knowing Young-One’s true identity, Mignon’s pure and blind love for him causes Young-One to start slowly opening his heart. But the hellish reality that surrounds Mignon starts to shake up even Young-One’s life!

My Thoughts

  • Mignon was truly breathtaking. Although I had known of the series and seen the promos, I went in with zero expectations. I was there were 12 episodes and knew this was so much more than just some sexy scenes. I felt so many emotions at once.
    • The animation was amazing and if you’ve seen Hyperventilation, you can see how much the studio has grown in comparison.
    • The music was the perfect touch. The 80s synth music fit the themes so well. The rough illegal boxing scene, with its high moments and low moments, were all accompanied perfectly with the score.
    • The colors were some of the biggest takeaways. The bright lights when Mignon is boxing, the neon lights of the city against the dark backdrop. Every single scene had so much thought put into it.
  • While this is a vampire story, I love that that part was almost forgettable. When Mignon finds out, he uses it as motivation to win fights and keep the Doctor in a position to get more blood. But he doesn’t really question it and only uses it to offer the Doctor his own blood. When Mignon is turned at the end, it was never a discussion of him wanting to be a vampire to be with the Doctor (although we know he absolutely would have offered himself in a heartbeat.) The doctor wanted to save his life and he did, in more than just one way.
    • The way Mignon is turned into a vampire though is one of the most beautiful transformations I’ve never seen. I had chills and tears the entire scene, especially since it came after two back-to-back emotional scenes.
  • I love that the story gives you enough of a story to enjoy but leaves a lot of unanswered questions, which keep you thinking of it overall. Some of the questions I had:
    • How did Mignon end up with the coach and why does he feel such an obligation to him?
    • How is this vampire society run? Clearly, Master is in on it and must be a vampire too.
  • The biggest takeaway for me from the series is how much love can be a salvation.
    • From what we see of Mignon, his life sucks. He’s stuck with this coach who abuses him and forces him to box illegally. He doesn’t seem to have much going for him, except his looks and strengths. He looks forward to boxing so that he can spend time with the doctor. He met the doctor at 19, this age of coming into adulthood while still figuring things out.
    • The doctor seems aloof with Mignon, but we can see that he truly does care. He urges Mignon at every turn to leave the doctor and abandon illegal boxing.
    • At the end, we finally see him break down and begin to be vulnerable with Mignon. First, after he finds Mignon and he confesses that Mignon is his one and only and that he only said mean things to try and save Mignon. Then at the end, after Mignons had been turned. He confesses he’s afraid to let him in because he’s been alone for so long.
    • While it seems like Mignon might need the doctor more, they both need each other in different ways. They both saved each other’s lives in more ways than one.
  • Overall, MIGNON really tugged at my heartstrings and made me feel so many beautiful things. I selfishly wish the story was longer and we got to see Mignon and the doctor live out their lives together in love and discovery. But I also think this length was perfect for this type of the. The beginning and the end does not matter: what matters is the now and then being together.

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