My Happy Marriage – Episode 4 Review: The Gift

Kiyoka and Miyo from My Happy Marriage

If it wasn’t clear already, episode 4 of My Happy Marriage, “The Gift,” will remind you that for every cute moment, this anime will have equally frustrating moments. I’ve mentioned before (and will probably keep mentioning it) Miyo’s family is the absolute worst and they do not waste a minute of screen time to keep proving it. This episode will make you want to jump through the screen in anger.

The Gift of Dreaming

In what seems like her new usual, Miyo wakes up after dreaming of her mother. In this dream, we see her mother pleading with Miyo’s trash father about Miyo’s supernatural abilities. He cuts Miyo’s mother off and doesn’t let her finish what she is trying to say.

It seems to me Miyo is going to continue having these dreams until she unlocks something her mother is trying to tell her. In every dream she seems to get closer to something, we just don’t know what yet.

Meeting with the Devil

Miyo decides she wants to get Kiyoka a gift as a token of her appreciation, and with Yurie’s help, she decides on a cord for him to wear in his hair. With Kiyoka’s blessing, Miyo and Yurie go into town to buy the ribbons. After buying it, Kaya and Koji catch Miyo alone.

Kaya and Miyo from My Happy Marriage

Kaya immediately assumes that Miyo is a servant for Kiyoka and starts harassing her. She tells Miyo that she must be undergoing abuse with Kiyoka and that she will help Miyo if Miyo gets on her hands and knees and begs. Poor Miyo is immediately shaken up by this but freezes on the spot. She can’t say anything or lift her head up to face Kaya. Koji, of course, does nothing. *eyeroll*

The Trash Will be Trash

Yurie returns and when Kaya asks if she’s Miyo’s “fellow worker,” she corrects Kaya and tells her she is Miyo’s maid as Miyo is Kiyoka’s future wife. This enrages Kaya. She really couldn’t fathom that things would be going well for Miyo at all.

Kiyoka from My Happy Marriage

At the same time, Kiyoka was meeting with Miyo’s trash dad and evil stepmother. Kiyoka lets them know that he plans to officially marry Miyo. Kiyoka tells them he will do things the official way and pay the dowry, but on one condition – they must apologize to Miyo for the abuse. If they don’t, he will cut ties with them and still marry Miyo. The parents being trash, ask for time to think about it.

Something’s Off

When Kiyoka returns home, he notices something is not right with Miyo. She seems to have retreated and is distant. Yurie fills him in on what happened with Kaya, and when Kiyoka attempts to Miyo, she won’t leave her room to see him. He still lets her know he will be there to listen when she wants to talk.

Miyo making a hair ribbon from My Happy Marriage

Kaya’s words have had such an impact on Miyo, she no longer feels like she can give Kiyoka the cords even though she made them. She doesn’t feel worthy of being his wife. She continues to mope until she receives a surprise visitor.

The Gift of a Friend

Little does Miyo know, Kiyoka sought out Hana, Miyo’s childhood maid. When Hana arrives, Miyo and Hana have a heart-to-heart, where Miyo in tears, tells Hana she does not deserve to be happy. Because she doesn’t have supernatural abilities, she believes she does not deserve to be Kiyoka’s wife. Please remind me to fight the family for making her believe this.

Hana assures Miyo that Kiyoka is a good man. After all, he wrote to her to seek her out to cheer Miyo up and he knows the truth about Miyo. Hana advises Miyo to have more courage in herself.

The Moment of Truth

Miyo takes that courage and runs to Kiyoka to tell him everything. If he will still have her, she wants to stay with him. Kiyoka tells Miyo that he wants her to keep living with him. He needs her there. They share a very tender hug and Miyo gives him his gift. She is also able to tie the cords into Kiyoka’s hair, another intimate moment.

Kiyoka and Miyo from My Happy Marriage

At the very end, it is revealed that the head of the Tatsuishi is indeed spying on Kiyoka and Miyo. He is furious that things are going well and swears they will take Miyo away from Kiyoka.

What’s to Come

I know tensions will be heating up because the trash family does NOT want Miyo to be happy. This angers me to no end. You did not want her. You mistreated her because she didn’t have powers. You considered her a burden and abused her. Now she is finally gone and happy, and you’re angry too? I cannot wait for Kiyoka to truly give them the reckoning they deserve.

As for the head of the Tatsuishi family, he is definitely playing dirty trying to spy on Kiyoka and Miyo. I don’t know what lengths he is playing on going to, but best believe Kiyoka will also handle that too.

My Happy Marriage is airing new episodes every Wednesday on Netflix.

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