xxxHolic: March Manga Madness Day 31

Day 31 of #MarchMangaMadness: xxxHolic by CLAMP and published by Dark Horse.

It’s hard to write this post because there aren’t enough words to describe how much xxxHolic means to me. I discovered this series, alongside with Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle over 13 years ago, and it truly changed my entire life. It is the entire reason I started my CLAMP reread series because I wanted to document how all the works lead to it. In my opinion, xxxHolic is truly CLAMP’s magma opus.

Those who know me, have watched a video or mine, or listened to my podcast, know I bring up xxxHolic all the time. What starts off as a fun little crossover with TRC, turns into a story about life, love, friendship, sacrifice, self-worth, fate, and just so much more.

I get emotional thinking about this story and when the time comes to cover it for my Youtube series, I’m going to cry my eyes out. It is so special to me and I can’t wait to express why in more depth.

2 thoughts on “xxxHolic: March Manga Madness Day 31

  1. Holic really was so good! The art work was wonderful and the characters were just so likable! My favorite character was definitely Yuuko. Lol, she was such a mood! Though that ending to the series was super sad.

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