The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague Episode 9 Review

Fuyutsuki and Himoru staring at each other, The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague

After Valentine’s day episodes, New Year’s Eve/ New Year’s Day episodes are up there for my favorite anime “tropes” type episodes. The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague really came through for me with episode 9. I just finished the episode and my cheeks hurt from smiling the entire time.

The Ice Guy is definitely a slow burn and it may have many predictable moments but it also manages to tie in some modern elements into the show that as a viewer you may not be expecting. When those elements appear, it is a perfect reminder that although this anime follows traditional love stories, it has a modern appeal for millennials. In this episode, that element was the New Year’s Eve virtual party.

The Ice Guy and the Virtual Party

The office closed early, which left everyone at home to bring in the New Year. While Himoru and Fuyutsuki are chillen in their homes, they receive a message from Komori to join a video chat. Saejime and Komori are already in the chat by the time they join. Soon they are joined by Katori and Otonashi and in no time, they are all drinking, laughing, and having fun.

This part reminded me so much of the height of the pandemic when everyone was having virtual meetups on zoom. I love how they start playing with filters and voice-altering effects. Everyone is laid back and just enjoying each other’s company. They decide to meet up the next day at a local shrine to celebrate the New Year, except for Komori, who says she will be busy.

The Temple Visit

A huge reason I love New Year’s episodes is that very often it is a chance to see the main characters of a show in traditional kimonos and yukatas. This was no exception, the entire crew arrives at the temple looking amazing.

Fuyutsuki in a kimono The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague

Everyone splinters off while Himoru and Fuyutsuki are left to stumble in their cute awkwardness. As the temple is packed, they both are being pushed by people passing by and end up being pushed closer together and holding on to each other. Just as they decide to hold hands to not be separated, they are spotted by everyone else and they stop. Of course, Katori can’t help but point out that they both look red and flustered.

Fuyutsuki and Himoru staring at each other, The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague

At the temple, the crew finds Kotori and learns that her family owns and operates this temple! Being the cute bestie she is, she immediately notices how “cozy” Fuyutsuki and Himoru are. As she thinks to herself that she wants to be like that, Saejime approaches her and gives her a charm he bought her because she was missing out on their hangout today. Queue me screaming, crying, and throwing up.

Down to the Wire

We are approaching the final three episodes of the show and I for one cannot wait for the oncoming developments. Fuyutsuki and Himoru seem to be on the brink of confessing their feelings for each other. They are both so far from where they have started and I need them to get it together and confess! Fuyutsuki is so much more direct than Himoru, even though she acts first and realizes later what she’s done. Himoru might slightly overthink his actions but he has also grown more direct and confident.

I am also waiting on Komori and Saejime to make it official too. They keep having their own moments in episodes and I am ready for MORE! I don’t have hopes for Katori and Otonashi to be honest because it seems one-sided but I would love for that to change or be proven untrue.

You can watch The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague on Crunchyroll.

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