NEWS: Crunchyroll Acquired New Anime Film “The Concierge”

A new anime film will be making its way to US in 2024 and I could not be more excited. Today it was announced that Crunchyroll has acquired the license to the anime movie The Concierge.

Based on the manga, The Concierge at Hokkyoku Department Store by Tsuchika Nishimura, the film is about a human concierge working at a department store where all the customers are animals. The Concierge is directed by Yoshimi Itazu who has worked The Boy and the Heron, Run with the Wind, and The Deer King in different roles.

The Concierge will be screening at the Animation Is Film Festival in Los Angeles on Saturday, October 21 and tickets are available here. The movie is expected to be available through Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures in 2024.

This movie looks cute and quirky based off of the trailer, which is totally up my alley. I am hoping it has a theatrical release and I can experience it in its full glory on the silver screen.

Akino is a trainee concierge at the Hokkyoku Department Store, an unusual department store that caters exclusively to animals. Under the watchful eyes of the floor manager and senior concierges, Akino runs around to fulfill the wishes of customers with a myriad of needs and problems in her pursuit to become a full-fledged concierge. Run Time: 70 Minutes

Official Film Synopsis

Source: Official Crunchyroll Press Release

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