A Sign of Affection: March Manga Madness Day 1

I decided to start off #MarchMangaMadness with A Sign of Affection by suu Morishita and published by Kodansha because I truly believe everyone needs to read this series. It’s about a deaf college student named Yuki who meets Itsuomi, who isn’t deaf. The story details both of them getting to know each other and their relationship.

What I instantly loved about A Sign of Affection is that although Yuki is deaf, the series handles this with so much love and care. This isn’t a “disability savior” story where the hearing guy swoops in and saves the day. In fact, Yuki is very independent and is surrounded by individuals who treat her as such. Her deafness is a part of the story, just like it is a part of her, but it isn’t the entire story.

What I also like about Yuki is that while she is shy and inexperienced, she doesn’t fall into the trope that a lot of main characters do where they are always insecure and/or self-deprecating as a result. Yuki will actually make the first move, even if she’s scared to.

In the author’s notes, the mangaka details that she did a lot of research to ensure the accuracy of not only the deaf experience but the signs being used and drawn out correctly.

I highly recommend this manga to anyone who needs a bit of sweetness in their life.

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  1. Cool I need to check this out! It reminds me of the BL manga I’ve read called I Hear the Sunspot. You should check that out as well!

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