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It is not surprising that I love LOVE, especially Boy’s Love (duh.) But one thing I specifically love is college romances. College love adds the maturity of living on your own and working but leaves the immaturity of a fresh adult trying to figure things out. While I didn’t have the most romantic college experience, I still look bad fondly on all the blunders I made while figuring myself out.

Whether it is questioning your career path, your sexuality, or who you are as a person, college is a time for questions, confusion, and drama. These 5 Boy’s Love stories from Futekiya range from light and fluffy to dark and heartwrenching, and are guaranteed to make you smile, cry, and reminisce.

by Tsuyuki Yuruco
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 1/5 Peppers

There is just something so attractive about someone who is fully confident in who they are. In Link and Ring, this is Makita. He is a lover of all cute. He displays a little charm proudly on his bag. During a class, a classmate named Bessho notices that Makita is into the same cute things he is. The only difference is Bessho is hiding it painfully.

As the two grow closer together, Bessho must come to terms with who he is. The two also navigate being in a relationship with each other, getting intimate, and more. If you like a Boy’s Love with minimal drama and just overall fluff, this is perfect.


Hachi Ritsu by Samba Maekawa
cover from Boy's Love Manga Hachi/ Ritsu two boys embracing
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 2/5 Peppers

Imagine being best friends with someone and one day, they suddenly stop talking to you and disappear forever. That’s what happens to Ritsu when his childhood best friend Hachi starts avoiding him and then finally moves away from their hometown. Ritsu is reeling, wondering for years why Hachi did this.

When it’s time for college, Ritsu decides to move to Tokyo to find Hachi. When he finally finds Hachi, Hachi is set on avoiding him and pretending their past doesn’t exist. This manga does a lot with its back and forths, but it is endearing watching both Ritsu and Hachi struggle with their feelings. The perfect friends-to-lovers Boy’s Love.

Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit by Thanat
cover from Boy's Love Manga Perfect Fit
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 3/5 Peppers

TW: This story contains Dubious Consent

I initially was not a fan of the art style from Thanat, so while I had seen Perfect Fit floating around Futekiya for a while, I really was not drawn to checking it out. That was until I ended up reading Sneaky Red by them and instantly decided the stories are worth looking past the different art style. I won’t lie, Perfect Fit definitely isn’t the Boy’s Love read for everyone but if it is for you, it is enjoyable.

In Perfect Fit, Mashimo is considering joining his school’s grad program and in visiting the office, he meets a grad student named Yuuto. Yuuto immediately stands out as he only has one hand. As he joins the program and has more encounters with Yuuto, Moshimo’s curiosity grows as he feels that he can’t read Yuuto. To make matters worse, he sees Yuuto outside of school and encounters a completely different version of him.

When the two finally start talking and interacting, Mashimo can’t decipher if Yuuto is really serious about him or if he is just playing games. The two volumes detail their growing relationship and how perfect they are for each other.

Pink Heart Jam

Pink Heart Jam by Shikke
cover from Boy's Love Manga Pink Heart Jam
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 3/5 Peppers

I don’t usually like to include ongoing manga on these lists because I imagine others are just as impatient as I am and want full, completed stories to devour. However, with Pink Heart Jam, there is just no way not to make an exception.

Haigo is a college freshman in a big city for the first. While he’s making new friends and joining school clubs, he’s also questioning his sexuality. At school, he catches a glimpse of Kanae, an upperclassman that everyone is enticed with. After some events lead Haigo to go to a sex parlor, he ends up booking Kanae without realizing it.

What comes next is a whirlwind of emotions and obsession. Haigo starts finding ways to make money to visit Kanae at work, and they also grow closer at school too. As they both struggle to make sense of their relationship, they must come to terms with how they feel for each other and what they really want out of this.

This Boy’s Love is updated every few months so the waiting is painful but it is worth it as you root for Haigo and Kanae.

Setagaya Synchronicity

by Hongo Chika
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 3/5 Peppers

Listen, I’ve told you guys time and time again I really don’t like stories that have cheating, but sometimes some stories are just so good, that an exception needs to be made. For me, that is Setagaya Synchronicity.

Although Takafumi has a loving girlfriend, he finds himself conflicted. At a cafe where he works part-time, he always sees a guy who catches his attention. After his girlfriend moves away, Takafumi ends up becoming roommates with this guy Fukamachi, who is the cafe guy. While Takafumi is still with his girlfriend, he starts messing around with Fukamachi and from there starts the inner conflict.

On the surface, this Boy’s Love story seems to be headed in one direction but really deals with so much more than you think. As Takafumi is discovering himself and his sexuality, he must also confront his desire to not hurt others. I’ve reread this story a few times and can’t help crying each and every time.

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