TWOA Podcast: Let’s Get To The Money ft Cosplayer Ronnie

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On this week’s episode, during the intro, I discuss my social media hiatus, what anime I’m currently watching, and what anime I’m plotting on for winter 2022. Then, content creator Ronnie joins me for an amazing conversation on cosplaying and monetizing cosplay. We also discuss her journey into anime, cosplay, and getting into conventions. We discuss how to safely make money as a content creator, taking care of her mental health, and setting boundaries when doing paid content. 

Wreck it Ronnie is a cosplayer of 12 years, and lover of all things nerdy. As a cosplay and convention going veteran, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience she loves to share with her community in the form of guesting and paneling for events! More recently into her adulthood, she has married her love of cosplay and modeling into a career as a professional ero- cosplayer. By running a sub-site for exclusive content, she’s gained more freedom to cosplay and attend events. Ronnie has hosted panels on marketing and brand building across platforms and content forms in hopes of encouraging others to get their passions to fund themselves. She is also very passionate about minority representation and respect within nerdy spheres and often collaborates with efforts to improve such spaces’ inclusiveness.

Anime List I mentioned:

Finishing 2021 Fall Season:

Blue Period
Beyond the Tri-Cornered Window
Komi Can’t Communicate

Currently Watching:

Love Stage!!
Your Lie In April 
Bungo Stray Dogs Season 3
Demon Slayer 

2022 Winter anime:

Attack on Titan
My Dress Up Darling 
Sasaki and Miyano
Love of Kill

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Bunni Black Twitter
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