5 Boy’s Love Friends-to-Lovers Manga to Read on Futekiya

If there is one thing I love, it’s a good trope! I do not care if I’ve read the same plot with different people 20 times. Keep giving it to me! I love the friends-to-lovers trope, especially if they started being friends in high school/college. With boy’s love stories, I feel like the trope is always intensified because the first person to fall in love will avoid the person finding out at all costs. They would rather fall in love for years and wither away than ruin the friendship. Meanwhile, the reader is screaming “RUIN IT!”

The following list contains 5 of my favorite friends-to-lovers stories on Futekiya. This isn’t sponsored, but I always do these lists for people who want to read manga legally! Futekiya is affordable and their catalog is updated weekly!

Perfect Propose

Perfect Propose by Mayo Tsurukame
boy's love cover Perfect Propose
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 3/5 Peppers

Something I’ve always found ridiculous in friends-to-lovers stories is the childhood promise of marriage. It always happens that one character takes it seriously and makes it their life mission to make it come true. No matter how ridiculous it seems though, the best stories manage to make this annoying trope and make it work.

In Perfect Propose, Hiro (dark hair) is reunited with his childhood friend, Kai, under possibly the worst circumstances. Kai finds Hiro passed out in the street. Hiro is a severe “over” worker and is having a really hard time at work, leading him to be food and sleep deprived.

Kai, who sought out Hiro based on this promise, instantly goes into caregiver mode. He starts cooking for Hiro and looking after him. While they both need to figure things out, it is clear that they are so much better when they are together.

I Hate

I HATE by Kazuki Natsume
boy's love cover I Hate
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 3/5 Peppers

I Hate is an anthology with two different stories that are both friends-to-lovers, but my favorite is the first story. Hirose works in Tokyo in a window company and unexpectedly comes face to face with Kiriya, the reason he ran away to Tokyo to begin with. Hirose and Kiriya go back to their high school days, were they were friends who use to kiss each other. Kissing buddies if you will.

Hirose has never moved past it and we soon learn Kiriya hasn’t either. Even though their story is only the first two chapters, it still is a really good read! Plus, they make an appearance again in the end.

Orison: A Wish A Prayer

Koinegau Orizonte by Seina Anji
Boy's Love cover Orison
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 3/5 Peppers

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that I do not like love triangles in boy’s love stories. I think they are so annoying, especially when it seems so forced. But one way I do like a love triangle is when one of the parties is dead.

In Orison, Nagisa (the one with light hair) returns home after running away years ago to escape the regrets he left behind. Upon his arrival, he is greeted by his childhood best friend, Kaito. Both Nagisa and Kaito still haven’t dealt with the death of their third childhood friend, and due to some misunderstandings, they seem to be getting further and further apart.

Orison is a unique friends-to-lovers story that I’m glad I gave a chance to. You will spend the entire time rooting for Naisa and Kaito to finally close the door on the past and move forward together.

By My Side by Kazuki Natsume
Boy's Love cover By My Side
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 3/5 Peppers

You may notice that this is the second title by Kazuki Natsume on this list. Truly, Kazuki Natsume has some of my favorite boy’s love stories and this one is my favorite from her (and one of my favorites, ever.)

By My Side follows what happens to two best friends when one of them realizes the other has been in love with him. Chiyo (the one with dark hair) happens to accidentally witness his best friend Kei whispering his name while doing some things. Although his first instinct is to ignore it, he soon finds that he can’t stop thinking about it and what his relationship with Kei truly means.

In 5 chapters (plus 2 bonus ones,) By My Side captivated me. I love how both Kei’s and Chiyo’s perspectives are shown and how much they love each other. Even though they don’t want things to change, they also know they can’t stay the same.

Blue Sky Complex

Blue Sky Complex by Ichikawa Kei
Boy's Love cover Blue Sky Complex
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 3/5 Peppers

If you haven’t already guessed, I order these lists from how much I love these stories, with the best being saved for last. Blue Sky Complex is another boy’s love that ranks on my top manga of all-time list without a doubt.

Blue Sky Complex follows the relationship of two boys who couldn’t be more different. Motochika (the one with glasses and dark hair) is what most would consider a “good guy.” He is quiet, does well in school, and minds his business. When he’s tasked with essentially babysitting Natsuki, who has the reputation of a “delinquent,” he just can’t help but be intrigued.

If you love a long story, this is the perfect story for you. Futekiya currently has 7 volumes and the story follows them from early high school to college. While it takes a bit for them to get it together, this isn’t a slow burn by any means. The majority of the manga follows their established relationship as they deal with different things like moving in together, dealing with 3rd parties trying to get in, and so much more.

To say I love this story is an understatement. Without exaggeration, I’ve probably read it over 10 times. It is just SO good! I hope if you give it a chance you’ll love it just as much.

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