The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague Episode 2 Review

the ice guy and his cool female colleague

It’s only episode two, but The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague has managed to perfectly convey the feeling of falling in love. The last time I felt so giddy and excited watching two people flirt and fall for each other was last year when watching Sasaki and Miyano. While this romance is between two adults in the workplace, it has lighthearted innocent, and tender interactions reminiscent of a first high school love.

Anxious Preparations for the Ice Guy

The second episode starts off with Himoru, Fuyutsuki, Komori, and Saejima discussing the upcoming work trip to Okinawa. First off, let’s pull over to discuss the looks Fuyutsuki and Komori are serving this episode. I work fully from home but seeing their cute office outfits made me miss getting dressed up for work.

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While everyone is excited, Himoru is filled with anxiety. If you don’t know, Okinawa is an island off the coast of mainland Japan and is a hot vacation destination. Himoru being an ice guy is worried that he will be too excited and bring a blizzard to Okinawa. He also does not do well in the heat.

Fuyutsuki can’t stand by and watch her potential bae suffer. Being the solution-oriented girl that she is, Fuyutsuki makes Himoru a drum that mimics the sounds of the waves. This way, Himoru can “train” himself to be ready for the trip. Himoru is over the moon and his inner dialog while training had me swooning. He is falling for Fuyutsuko so hard.

Another aside: at this point, I’m sure Fuyutsuki has given Himoru way more gifts than people in actual relationships do. It seems like one of her love languages must be gift-giving.

Fun in Okinawa

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This episode made me so happy because it was the best mix of the typical “beach episode” and “festival episode.” We get to see the gang let loose in a sense. Komori was living for all of us, truly making the best out of this work trip. Her jumping in the water, even though it’s April and the water is cold, lets us KNOW she does not play about vacations. Meanwhile, Fuyutsuki and Himoru flirt under the shade. The ice guy definitely makes it snow once or twice due to this.

the ice guy and his cool female colleague
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The best part of the episode comes on the hottest day of the trip when Himoru shrinks due to the heat. Fuyutsuki comes to his rescue, but not without getting in some adorable head pats and sneaking a picture of him. The chemistry between the two once Himoru returns to his real size is through the roof! I was squealing the entire time.

The trip ends with the gang seeing fireworks together in a secret spot Fuyutsuki discovered while putting together her travel guide. While she and Himoru definitely snuck longing glances at each other, I appreciated that Komori and Saejime were there too and they all got group pictures together.

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What Comes Next for The Ice Guy

Beach trip episodes are usually always mid-season for anime so the fact that this was episode two gives me a lot of hope that Himoru and Fuyutsuki will become an official couple midway through the season. At least I hope so! But of course, some potential setbacks may be looming.

As we see post-credits, it looks like the gang was operating on temporary placements at work and they will get their permanent placement soon. Himoru is understandably freaking out and I cannot wait to see him sweat freeze over this next week.

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