NEWS: Dub Trailer for Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Scherzo of Deep Night

If you’ve been here before, you know that I highly enjoyed the first Sword Art Online Progressive movie. So it isn’t an understatement to say I have been anxiously waiting for this sequel. To make things even better, it also drops my birthday weekend. As a huge fan of seeing anime movies in theaters, I already have my plans together to see this movie and make it an experience.

If you missed the first Sword Art Online -Progressive- movie, Aria of a Starless Night, have no fear! It is currently available on Crunchyroll, along with the original anime series, so you have plenty of time to catch up.

sword art online progress movie still, asuna and kirito

The Sword Art Online Progressive series is a retelling of the original story from the point of view of Asuna instead of Kirito, based on the light novels by creator Reki Kawahara. In this new movie, we will follow Kirito (voiced by Bryce Papenbrook,) Asuna (voiced by Cherami Leigh,) Mito (voiced by Anairis Quiñones,) and some new characters as they work to keep clearing floors in this deadly game.

The world’s first VRMMORPG (Sword Art Online) became a game of death. Over a month has passed since 10,000 users were trapped inside the game world. Asuna, who cleared the first floor of the floating iron castle of Aincrad, joined up with Kirito and continued her journey to reach the top floor. With the support of female Information Broker Argo, clearing the floors seemed to be progressing smoothly, but…

Conflict erupts between two major guilds who should be working together – the top player groups ALS (the Aincrad Liberation Squad) and DKB (the Dragon Knights Brigade). And meanwhile, behind the scenes exists a mysterious figure pulling the strings….

In a dangerous battle of death, there is an assault that differs from the threat, and it will involve Asuna and Kirito…!

Synopsis from Aniplex

You already know that I will definitely have thoughts on this movie so you can expect to see those once I watch it. If you read my review of the last Sword Art Online film, I loved the friendship between Asuna and Mito. I’m hoping in this continuation, they are able to rekindle the friendship. As a KiritoxAsuna shipper though, I am also hoping to see their romantic connection grow this time around. I also wouldn’t mind if there were potential rivals introduced. I love a little bit of drama here and there.

From the trailer, I noticed that there are also a lot of new faces. I’m excited to meet the rest of the guild members and see how they take on the next floors.

You can purchase tickets on Fandango.

sword art online progress movie poster

Source: Official Crunchyroll Press Release

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