NEWS: HIDIVE Acquires Horror Anime “Dark Gathering” for Summer Season

With the 2023 Summer anime season a few weeks away, HIDIVE has announced it has acquired the horror anime Dark Gathering. The anime, based on the shounen manga by Kenichi Kondo, premieres in Japan in July and will simulcast exclusively on HIDIVE.

After a devastating encounter with a restless spirit, ghost-fearing psychic Keitaro Gentoga became a shut-in to avoid additional spectral catastrophes. But no man is a haunted island, and Keitaro eventually reintegrates with society by getting a part-time job as a tutor to the child prodigy Yayoi Houzuki. Yayoi isn’t just an academic genius, though. She’s a talented psychic medium hell-bent on finding the malevolent spirit behind her mother’s disappearance, and she’s gravely determined to drag Keitaro into her terrifying world of grotesque supernatural phenomenon.


Source: Official HIDIVE Press Release

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