NEWS: VIZ Announces Licenses for Kimi ni Todoke Sequel, I Want To End This Love Game, Gokurakugai, and More!

It’s a beautiful day to be a manga fan. In a Twitter thread, VIZ Media announced a few manga titles they have acquired licenses for. One of the most exciting announcements for shojo fans is the sequel to the popular Kimi ni Todoke coming in Spring 2024, Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You: Soulmate.

Below are the manga from the list:

Marriage Toxin (Spring 2024)

Story by Joumyaku and art by Mizuki Yoda

In the Name of the Mermaid Princess (Spring 2024)

Story by Yoshino Fumikawa and art by Miya Tashiroa

I Want to End This Love Game (Spring 2024)

Yuki Domoto

Gokurakugai (Spring 2024)

Yuto Sano

Tokyo These Days (Spring 2024)

Taiyo Matsumoto

Status Royale(Spring 2024)

Ru xu

Steel of the Celestial Shadows (Spring 2024)

Daruma Matsuura

My Name Is Shingo: The Perfect Edition (Spring 2024)

Kazuo Umezz

Magilumiere Magical Girls Inc. (Spring 2024)

story by Sekka Iwata and art by Yu Aoki

Snowball Earth (Spring 2024)

Yuhiro Tsujitsugu

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You: Soulmate (Spring 2024)

Karuho Shiina

Source: Viz Twitter

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