The Wonder of Ivy Presents: Who to Watch in 2019

Last year I created The Wonder of Ivy’s “Who To Watch” list because I felt like I did not see myself or my peers represented in our community. Day in and day out I saw so many of us grinding in our lanes and felt that I needed to use my platform to elevate us all. As I started compiling the list, I started feeling this excitement in my skin that I was on the breaking point of something special and little did I know, just how special it was.

This year I was able to put on this project again, only bigger and better. I’m honored to introduce you to all the amazing people on this list. This year’s list contains 16 of the hardest working people you will meet. This list contains people 16 who don’t just “talk it” but “walk it.” And this list contains 16 people you should watch in 2019.

Click the link below to read in browser or download to your phone now.

The Wonder of Ivy Presents: Who to Watch in 2019

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