One Year Anniversary

When people ask me what it’s like to be married, I always tend to respond “nothing has changed.” And for the most part, that’s true. Nothing changes in the way you think it will. There’s no dramatic transformation from boyfriend and girlfriend to husband and wife. You don’t suddenly start walking on air nor do you gain the wisdom of a 25 year marriage. There isn’t a new seriousness to your relationship. It’s still the fun, awesome thing it was as an unmarried couple.


But I also can’t tell you that it hasn’t change us, because it has in the subtlest of ways. It’s in the way that we treat each other, with a new level of love and respect. It’s in the way that we handle problems: it’s now a team effort to solve them. It’s in the way that we deal with the stuff no one tells you about: mental health issues, family problems, disappointments, lost of motivation, and so much more that we haven’t experienced yet. It’s in the pride of saying, “that’s my husband/ this is my family.” It’s the love stitched into our future plans, knowing that we’ll be together in all the next steps. It’s that endless support to be ourselves individually before we come together as “us.”
This first year of marriage truly passed us in a blink of an eye. We were so busy having fun, we forgot to look around.

Happy anniversary to my other half. 


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