The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague Episode 7 Review

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague still, Otonashi in mummy costume

Every week I am excited to sit down and watch The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague but it also makes me so sad knowing that it’s almost over! With this seventh episode, that means there are only five more to go. I know I shouldn’t be counting down like this but I can’t help it. I want this series to never end.

The Colleagues Want Money

Episode 7 starts off with our gang discussing what they would do if they won a billion yen (which would be $7,408,000 in American dollars.) Our sweet girl Fuyutsuki says she would get a special drink at Starberks every day, which leads everyone to discuss how hard it has been to get the special pumpkin drunk right now because the store is always busy.

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Collegue still, Himoru carrying a brown bag with two little snowmen

After this conversation, we see Himoru pass by a Starbecks that isn’t busy (spoiler alert: he’s an hour away from the office) and he buys the drink for everyone. When he arrives at the office, Fuyutsuki has also purchased four drinks too, so now they have 8 total. I love how they are both so in sync without even realizing it. While Himoru was about to hide the drinks and pretend he didn’t get them, Fuyutsuki quickly figures him out and they give the rest of the drinks away.

During this group tasting, the president of the company stops by and they begin discussing the Halloween party. The president is a descendant of a nurarihyon, which is a Japanese yokai or spirit. The president loves a party and is giving away a cash prize for the best department costume.

Costume Shopping

Fuyutsuki, Himoro, Saejime, and Komori get to planning on their Halloween costumes, and bless their hearts, they definitely could have used some help. Fuyutsuki suggests they go as pumpkins, possibly the most boring suggestion ever! Luckily for us viewers, when Fuyutsuki and Himori go shopping, all the pumpkin costumes are sold out! They end up going with vampire costumes instead.

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague still, Fuyutsuki dressed as a vampire with a ghost puppet

On the day of the party, Fuyutsuki is running late due to a meeting with a client. Back in the office, Himoru, Komori, and Saejime encounter a depressed Katori who forgot his and Otonashi’s costume at home. Fuyutsuki remotely saves the day by suggesting they dress up as mummies using recycled copy paper.

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague Still - Katori with fireworks

Better Late Than Never

When Fuyutsuki finally arrives, both she and Himoru are on the brink of bursting as they both think the other one looks very cute in their costume. Himoru has his hair pushed back and is giving total white-haired anime hottie a la Gojo. Fuyutsuki puts a little bit of blood on for some razzle-dazzle and Himoru completely freezes over.

The vampires end up winning second place, making Katori and Otonashi’s last-minute mummies the winner! The party scenes were nice seeing everyone dressed up, and even the section chief partook in dressing up as Buddah (although that might have gone against the theme.) After the party ends, Fuyutsuki and Himoru leave together to stroll the town and enjoy Halloween for just a bit longer.

The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague , still of the chief as Buddah

What’s to Come

This episode was a little bit on the slow side for love developments between the characters, especially Fuyutsuki and Himoru. Of course, they still have their cute moments and little flirty banter, and a little extra moment of Fuyutsuki being extra flirty. After the “almost confession” in episode 6, I was sure something more would happen this week. It was a little bit disappointing that they did not really progress, but I still enjoy any moment they get on screen.

I also really liked seeing everyone dressed up in costume and letting loose at work! The president being a yokai descendant was such a nice touch and I love how she was super approachable. I almost forgot that real-world Halloween was months ago.

I am hoping episode 8 has more progress for us but either way, I can’t wait to watch what happens next.

You can watch The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague on Crunchyroll.

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