Sayonara Game: March Manga Madness Day 28

Day 28 of #MarchMangaMadness: Sayonara Game by Yuu Minaduki and published by SuBLime

I’ll be completely honest, I read this such a long time ago, and I can’t remember much aside from the fact that I enjoyed it. I will always pick up a few one-shots for my collection because they are so easy to read through on a day when you feel like reading but don’t want to dive too deep into anything.

I feel extra special owning this copy because I actually interviewed the translator David Evelyn on my podcast, and learned in the interview he worked on this! I highly recommend checking out that episode if you are a huge fan of the behind-the-scenes of the manga industry. David sheds so much light on how translators work and the things people might not think about. We had so much fun during this interview and I plan to bring David back on my YouTube channel sometime this year.

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