Kobato: March Manga Madness Day 27

Kobato manga cover

Day 27 of #MarchMangaMadness: Kobato by CLAMP and published by Yen Press.

The two saddest loneliest volumes of manga you’ve ever seen: my Kobato collection. I have no idea why Kobato is SO HARD to find. These sellers on Amazon and eBay must be on (explicit drug) because THERE IS NO WAY I’m paying $95 for a volume that was published in 2010! Especially when the older CLAMP titles are available for much cheaper. Some of the listings have the entire set for $300+, making each volume around $40-$50. That is still too high.

I lucked out with these two on Amazon for around $10-$12 each and even that felt pricey to me. You’ve seen so much of my collection at this point, so you know I have no problem shelling out some cash for manga. However, I think people need to be reasonable. I know there aren’t that many available but the manga is still available digitally. It’s not gone from this earth. You do not need to be charging almost $100 for ONE VOLUME.

Anyways, now that that is off my chest. I look forward to one day completing this series. I loved the anime when it came out and I look forward to rereading the manga. I know I’ve read it a long time ago but it has completely escaped my mind.

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