Hyperventilation: March Manga Madness Day 15

cover of Hyperventilation

Day 15 of #MarchMangaMadness: Hyperventilation by Bboung Bbang Kkyu and published by TokyoPop.

I reviewed Hyperventilation last year but I love this manhwa so much, I reread it all the time. Followers of mine know that I have not been the biggest fan of webtoons/manhuas because I don’t like colored pages, however, a lot of that has started to change and I truly owe it to Hyperventilation.

I won’t repeat too much of what I said before but I do want to mention that in every reread I do of this story, I find a deeper appreciation for it. The concept of the “what if” lovers aren’t new but the way it’s done here, where it seems like no time has gone by for these two totally captures me. I imagine what their future looks like. Do they talk about the time without each other? Do they wish they got together earlier? Or do they just focus on the future they are creating together?

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