Wave, Listen to me! | March Manga Madness Day 14

Covers of Wave, Listen to me volume 1 through 4

Day 14 of #MarchMangaMadness: Wave, Listen to Me! by Hiroaki Samura and published by Kodansha

This was an impulse buy if there ever was one. I purchased these off the manga swap subreddit as the anime was being released. At the time, I worked in radio and was set to fulfill my dream of being a radio personality. At the time, I had only seen one episode and I just knew this series would be special to me. To this day, I still haven’t gone back and watched the rest.

At this point, I don’t know if I will go back to the anime but I do have plans to read these volumes before I decide to get more. My collection is very precious to me but I don’t want to keep books I won’t read. If it doesn’t really appeal to me anymore, I will sell them or gift them in a giveaway.

Do you have any like these in your collection?

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