Clover: March Manga Madness Day 11

Day 11 of #MarchMangaMadness: Clover by CLAMP and published by Darkhorse

I think I last read Clover a few years ago and it instantly reminded me how ahead of their time CLAMP has been. Clover was originally serialized in 1997 and features many elements that are still popular in today’s media like steampunk, magic, government rebellion and kids with supernatural powers. Of course, these elements aren’t created by CLAMP or unique to them, but the fact they had this on lock in the 90s is telling of magic.

It will still be some time before I cover Clover in my CLAMP reread series, but I am so looking forward to it when I do. I can’t remember much of the story so to come back to it with 30-year-old eyes will definitely be something fun.

One thought on “Clover: March Manga Madness Day 11

  1. Ooo, Clover is a really good Clamp series too! I’m definitely looking forward to your review. I really liked that series and I’m curious to read what other people might think about it!

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