Magic Knight Rayearth Part 1 CLAMP Reread Series

Get in the robot, Shinji! We’re talking magical girls, prophecies, & saving the world in giant Mechas! CLAMP’s Magic Knight Rayearth is a classic shoujo that can sometimes fly under the radar but we’ve been doing a disservice pretending it wasn’t a game changer for the genre.

One thought on “Magic Knight Rayearth Part 1 CLAMP Reread Series

  1. Magic Knights RayEarth! That’s such a good series. Of course, there’s the great Clamp character designs, but then there’s also magic, ancient technology, giant robots, and so much drama! What’s also awesome about this series is that fans of Clamp will like it, and fans of giant robots, and fans of magic girls, and fans of isekai. There’s something for almost every anime fan.

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