The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague Final Review

If you’ve been following along with my reviews of The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague, you know I’ve been reviewing each episode separately. However, I watched the last two episodes today and decided to do one final review because whew, the feels are plentiful. I’m not sure if I’m disappointed in the series ending the way it did or in myself for thinking it would end differently.

As a disclaimer, I read the manga a few years ago so I truly don’t remember the storyline there. This review is based solely on the anime and the events portrayed in it. From the little I remember, the manga was like short little chapters of just events so I don’t remember it following a linear plotline.

The Last Two Episodes

I should have seen this coming with episode eleven, because of the lack of development. In this episode, Himoru wants to adopt a stray cat only to discover with Fuyutsuki that the cat is not a stray, but a lost cat. As a result of Himoru’s disappointment, Fuyutsuki invites Himoru over to her place to play with Nyamero. Once there, Himoru’s sister comes over and he learns that she and Fuyutsuki hang out.

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Episode twelve was even more mediocre. Himoru and Fuyutsuki travel together for a work trip and Himoru gets sick, which leads him to revert to his child form. Fuyutsuki takes care of him and they have a very weirdo awkward moment where Himoru falls on top of her, pushing her onto the bed, IN HIS CHILD FORM. It would have been tolerable if they hadn’t lingered for way too long, both of them blushing. I don’t know why this was done in his CHILD form. It was just way too weird.

Fuyutsuki and sick Himoru
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Himoru gets better and when they return home, they happen upon the place they first met. They “look back” at all their memories, since it has been a year since they met. They both say they are glad to have met and change. Anddddd that’s it.

Wishful Thinking

As you know, I had been hoping for a confession from them early on in the series. When it was clear that this was not going to happen mid-series, I was hopeful that it would end with a confession and both of them making the relationship official. Instead, we get absolutely nothing. Neither of them confesses and from their internal monologues, Fuyutsuki is oblivious that Himoru likes her and that she likes him. Himoru on the other hand, knows he likes Fuyutsuki but is convinced she doesn’t like him. While the insecurities and unknown feelings are flirty and cute in the beginning, by episode eleven I was over it.

Source: ICPC-Anime

Grown Folks Doing Childish Things

A huge sell for me on The Ice Guy was the fact that it is a workplace romance featuring adults! I wanted to see how adults handled going from coworkers to friends to lovers. However, The Ice Guy never completes the loop. Instead, I felt like I was watching teenagers never cross the line and move forward. While I appreciated seeing Fuyutsuki and Himoru’s relationship progress and the cool dates they went on, high schoolers in anime do the same things. Every time I was under the impression things would move forward a bit, they took a few steps back.

In addition, it was hinted that the other friends also had romance blooming and nothing happens officially with them either. If one couple wasn’t going to make it official, I wish someone else would have to satisfy us.

From Ice to Lukewarm Water

The Ice Guy anime was so promising to me and the belief that Himoru and Fuyutsuki would get together carried me this season. From my other reviews, you know I enjoyed this show so much. And while I am disappointed, the last two episodes do not erase how giddy the previous episodes and development made me. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Himoru and Fuyutsuki stumble through their feelings for each other.

My disappointment really stems from the lack of finality. In each episode, their relationship seemed to grow closer. They went from cute shy glances to flirting, exchanging gifts, and even holding hands at a point. All this romantic tension between them rose and in the end, they let it all dissipate. The conclusion doesn’t seem open-ended enough for me to assume they make it official because neither of them confessed their feelings.

Fuyutsuki and Himoru walking
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Overall, I enjoyed The Ice Guy this season but I cannot help but feel upset over this lackluster ending. Twelve episodes is a lot of time to invest in these characters and their story, only for it to feel like all the progress they made meant nothing. I don’t feel like the Fuyutsuki and Himoru of episode twelve are any closer to making it official than the Fuyutsuki and Himoru of episode one.

You can watch The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague on Crunchyroll.

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