NEWS: Crunchyroll and Walmart Team Up for Crunchyroll Fan Shop!

I won’t lie to you guys, typing this news story brings tears to my eyes! Crunchyroll has teamed up with Walmart to stock anime merchandise in over 2,400 stores nationwide. This is a huge deal because Walmart is known for low prices and can be accessible to many.

Some of the merchandise available will be Blu-rays of series like DragonBall and My Hero Academia, Crunchyroll Subscription gift cards, manga, and vinyl records. The merchandise available will be refreshed throughout 2024.

Being a lifelong anime fan, I wasn’t able to go get manga at bookstores until I was in my late teens but Walmart was a store we went to often. I’m excited kids across different income levels will have the chance to get anime merchandise earlier because it’s at a place their parents are familiar with.

Source: Crunchyroll Press Release

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