My Summer of You: March Manga Madness Day 7

cover of My Summer With You

Day 7 of #MarchMangaMadness: Summer of You by Nagisa Furuya and published by Kodansha

If you feel like you’re experiencing deja vu, no worries, I have definitely posted about My Summer of You before. The art style may also look familiar because it is by the same mangaka who did The Two Lions which I posted about a few days ago.

My initial review is only about volume one because that was all that was out at the time. It is a beautiful story about a boy named Wataru who is confessed to by his friend, Chiaki. Chiaki assures him he doesn’t need anything in return, he just wanted to confess his feelings. But when Chiaki moves away without warning, Wataru realizes he might be looking at Chiaki in a different light.

Volume two picks back up with both characters now in college and navigating their relationship while they work and study. It’s filled with the cute awkwardness of being in a relationship when you can start spending time together, alone.

My Summer of You is one I revisit often because it is just so satisfying to see the progression from friends to lovers. I also love Nagisa Furuya’s work and I hope more get officially licensed.

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  1. This mangaka’s art work really is pretty! It has a light airy look to it that I tend to like. Thank you for introducing me to this artist, I’m definitely going to start following their work!

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