My Happy Marriage – Episode 3 Review: Our First Date

Miyo and Yurie from My Happy Marriage

If you needed some cuteness to forget about Miyo’s trash family, this episode of My Happy Marriage does just that. Filled with the excitement of a first date and the slow happenings of love, it was a treat to sit back and enjoy.

Let’s Go on a Date

As Miyo and Kiyoka are having dinner, he invites her to town with him to go shopping. He tells her to wear the furisode she wore the day of her arrival and to be ready for them to go out. On the day of the outing, Yurie helps Miyo with makeup. When Kiyoka sees her, he is in awe of her.

Miyo and Yurie from My Happy Marriage

Kiyoka takes her to a fabric store his family has been patronizing for years to pick out some fabric for some kimonos for her. Something about Miyo catches the shop owner’s attention and she tells Kiyoka to not let Miyo go at all costs. She says Miyo is a diamond in the rough, but with his love and wealth, he can polish her and she will shine. She gives Kiyoka a comb to gift to Miyo as well.

Sweets and Treats Date

For the second part of their date, Kiyoka and Miyo go to a sweets shop where Miyo is seen eating a delicious dessert. Kiyoka tells Miyo that she can always be open and honest with him. He also states that he would like to see her smile more and apologize less.

Kiyoka and Miyo on their date My Happy Marriage

As the date continues, Miyo laments because she thinks Kiyoka doesn’t know she doesn’t have any magical abilities. She believes that once he finds out, he will no longer want to be with her. She decides that wants to be by his side until he finds out and casts her away.

Once they return home from the date, Kiyoka tells Yurie about the comb as a gift. Yurie tells Kiyoka that giving Miyo the comb is a sign of love and engagement, but Kiyoka just believes it is a gift and nothing more. When Miyo finds the gift, she thanks Kiyoka and he sees her genuinely smile for the first time.

Family Problems

During the date, we also get a scene of Miyo’s dad speaking with the head of the Tatsuishi family. The head is furious as Miyo was supposed to marry his eldest son. Miyo’s mom was from the Usaba family, said to have extraordinary powers. Miyo’s dad is very blase, as he knows Miyo didn’t have powers. However, the head said the powers could be passed down to Miyo’s children.

The Truth

The episode ends with Kiyoka receiving the information he inquired about Miyo’s upbringing. He learns about just how terribly she was treated at home. As Kiyoka suspected Miyo didn’t have powers. He thinks about how kimonos won’t be enough to help heal Miyo from this trauma.

As Kiyoka is leaving his office, he notices shikigami, in the shape of origami cranes in the sky spying on him. He shoots them down with his fire abilities and wonders who could be behind it.

What’s To Come

Kiyoka from My Happy Marriage

Kiyoka’s determination to treat Miyo to nice things and get her to a place she could be herself is beautiful to watch. He doesn’t quite understand his motives himself, but as the viewer, we know he is down bad for her! Something that sticks out to me, is the motivations he reveals to himself.

While Yurie and the shop owner go on Miyo being brought out of her shell by Kiyoka’s potential love, I realize he doesn’t see his actions in that way. He immediately picks up that Miyo is reserved and scarred by something. He wants her to be her genuine self with him, and to heal from what hurts her. In his voice-overs, he makes it about Miyo and never what he will get out of helping her heal. I can’t wait to see him become aware of his developing feelings and for them to move forward together.

Miyo in Kiyoka's imagination My Happy Marriage

As for Miyo’s trash family, I am hopeful they will get what they are owed soon enough. I suspect that the Tatsuishi family is behind the shikigami sent to spy on Kiyoka. The head has made it clear that he isn’t going to let the Kudo family “have” Miyo. Like sir, whatever. Good luck if you think Kiyoka is letting Miyo go. What he needs to do is give some of that energy to Miyo’s dad though because that man is scum.

My Happy Marriage is airing new episodes every Wednesday on Netflix.

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