My Happy Marriage – Episode 1 Review

Miyo from My Happy Marriage

To say I’ve been waiting for My Happy Marriage would be an understatement. I felt like a little kid looking out a window, just counting the moments until it arrived! And it’s finally here!

My Happy Marriage originated as a light novel by Akumi Ahitogi, which was later adapted into a manga and illustrated by Rito Kohsaka. The anime was announced in 2022 and is animated by Kimena Citrus Studio. It is currently airing weekly in the US on Netflix.

Laying the Groundwork


For anyone with a heart, episode one is a painful start to the series. In it, we watch the main character Miyo navigate her daily life in the Saimori household. Her mother passed away when she was young and her dad remarried essentially a terrible person. She has a half-sibling named Kaya, who immediately is shown bullying Miyo. Although Miyo is the eldest daughter, she is treated like a servant in her home.

Despite this, Miyo appears to have gotten used to her terrible treatment and has let go of all negative feelings regarding her situation. She is shown to have a friend Kouji, who treats Miyo with a lot of kindness. However, Kouji who expresses he wants to do something kind for Miyo, ultimately is too afraid to do anything.

We watch as the parents decide the fate of these two sisters. Kouji is arranged to marry Kaya against his wishes. Miyo will be sent away to marry Kiyoka Kudou, who is rumored to be cold and has already chased a few fiancees away. Kouji is upset he can’t do more for Miyo, but his dad advises him this is the best way to save Miyo: by getting her out of the house.

Towards a New Beginning

As Miyo journeys with her little belongings to the Kudou residence, she remembers her mother. She has beautiful memories with her mother but they’re overshadowed by her mistreatment once her father remarries and has her half-sister. Nevertheless, Miyo moves forward and finally arrives at the Kudou house.


Once there, the family servant eagerly greets her and she is introduced to Kiyoka. Once Miyo sees his face and realizes how beautiful he is, the episode ends.

Meeting this man on this day, was like a flower coming out of the snow. My life that had been shut off started to move forward again.

What’s to Come


This was a great start for the season ahead. A perfect mix of the sad backstory with a hopeful glimpse of the future. It’s hard not to feel bad for Miyo, but I also felt very sad for Kouji as well. It was clear he really wanted to help Miyo but was not confident enough to figure out a way to do so. Instead, he lets the parents decide their fate and goes along with it.

Kiyoka was very beautiful so I don’t blame Miyo for realizing her life is about to change for the better. I can’t wait to see them start their relationship and fall in love.

See you back here next week!

My Happy Marriage is airing new episodes every Wednesday on Netflix.

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