Horimiya: March Manga Madness Day 17

Day 17 of #MarchMangaMadness: Horimiya by HERO x Daisuke Hagiwara and published by YenPress.

I started collecting Horimiya as the anime was airing because I absolutely LOVED the anime. At the time, since the anime was airing, it was hard to collect because the volumes kept selling out. I still only have volumes 1-7 but now that the manga is completed, it is on my list to complete soon so I can binge it.

While I haven’t read the manga, I remember there being a lot of discourse that the anime did the manga justice which makes me super excited to dive into it. Horimiya is such a sweet romance and I find while it has a lot of the elements we love in a teen romance, it definitely changed things up in a good way. I remember loving that the POV is mostly from Miyamura and how we get a lot of insight into his mental health.

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