Cardcaptor Sakura: March Manga Madness Day 23

Day 23 of #MarchMangaMadness: Cardcaptor Sakura by CLAMP published by:

Vols 1-6 of Chix Comic edition L-R: Tokyopop
Vols 1,3 of Cardcaptor Sakura and Vol 3 of Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the CLow: Tokyopop
Vols 1-3 Onmibus: Dark Horse

Cardcaptor Sakura has to be my most inconsistent title. I have 3 different versions and none of them are complete. This is especially funny considering that Cardcaptor Sakura in the reason I got into manga to begin with. As a kid, I watched the Americanized version “Cardcaptors” on WB Kids every week. I was obsessed. When I moved to Pennsylvania in the 5th grade, I discovered the Cardcaptor Sakura manga in the library and would borrow it all the time. With that and Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha, my manga-loving self was born.

I initially bought vols 1-6 of the Tokyopop L-R versions in high school in an auction on eBay. I didn’t really read the listing right so I was very disappointed when they weren’t the traditional manga style I was used to and also they were so tiny.

I really can’t recall how I got the random volumes 1,3 and Master of the Clow 3. I think I started buying them on Amazon used when I was able to find them.

The omnibuses were a gift from the lovely Pseu, who also gifted me the Magic Knight Rayearth omnibuses.

Eventually, I plan to get the latest versions, which are the Collector’s Edition Hardcovers by Kodansha. Unless a new version comes out before then.

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