5 Boy’s Love Workplace Romances to Read on Futekiya

If there is one thing I’m going to do, it’s simp for workplace romances. Whether it’s Josie or Yaoi, I just love seeing grown folks doing grown folk things- especially on the clock! With the popularity of manga series like Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku and Sweat and Soap, every millennial animanga fan is foaming at the mouth for MORE!

As many of you already know, with my recent dive into Fujoshi land, I subscribed to Futekiya, a paid subscription service to read Boy’s Love manga. While you can catch my full review here, I definitely can not recommend it enough. In my opinion, it is one of the best places to access digital manga at a very affordable price. They are constantly updating their library and have a huge backlog to read from.

Since their catalog is so big, I figured my audience may be missing out on some absolute gems, especially in the workplace romance category. So let’s get into it!

Can I Buy Your Love from a Vending Machine?

Sono Koi, Jihanki de Kaemasuka? by Yoshii Haruaki
cover of the manga can i buy your love from a vending machine
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 1/5 Peppers

I’m pretty certain Can I Buy Your Love from a Vending Machine? was the first title I read on Futekiya and since then, I’ve gone back to reread it a few times. This adorable story perfectly captures the feelings of having a crush at work and not knowing what to do with it, once it seems like things may be going your way.

Ayumu is an office worker who always has his eye on the man who stocks up the company vending machine, Yamashita. Through playful banter, they exchange line IDs and start hanging out. While Ayumu is openly gay, he has never been in a relationship before so he is completely caught off guard by Yamashita’s directness in wanting them to date.

This story is the perfect slice of sweetness. While it features adults, the newness of the relationship gives it that feeling of a high school romance with the same excitement and nervousness one would feel reading a shojo.

A Love Story Between My Boss and I

Ore to Joushi no Koi no Hanashi by Nanameguri
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 2/5 Peppers

A Love Story Between My Boss and I was one of those stories I initially attempted but was not immediately sucked into, so I read a chapter and swiftly forgot to go back and read more. A few weeks ago, as I was scanning my “Currently Reading” list, I saw it and decided to give it another shot and I’m so glad I did.

This workplace romance stars Takanashi, a newbie at the company where he works under Tokunaga. Tokunaga is openly gay and in love with his own boss, Mr. Furuya. As Takanashi starts spending more time with Tokunaga both in and out of the office, he starts falling for Tokunaga.

It may seem very love triangle-y in the beginning, I can assure you it is definitely not your typical love triangle. The best part is there is also a second volume on Futekiya, Another Love Story Between My Boss and I (aka The Course of Love Between My Trainee and I) which follows the relationship from Tokunaga’s point of view. Since there are three volumes total, I am hoping Futekiya adds the third one soon.

Born To Love You

Tenjite Koi to Iki by Hayane Dento
cover of born to love you manga
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 2/5 Peppers

A high school romance where the two stars are BOTH adults and not students? SIGN ME UP! I was initially hesistant to read Born to Love You because it is also tagged under “fantasy” and I’m not big into fantasy/supernatural romances but I was pleasantly surprised with this one.

Yoshitake is a high school teacher who comes to find a story at school that is trigguering old memories within him from a past life. He comes to realize that his coworker Yahiro and him are connected through this story and may have “past selves” who were together. Yoshitake is trying to navigate discovering this former self without losing his current self.

This story is so sweet and heartwarming, so much so that I forgot about the spicyness factor until it almost smacked me right in the face in the end! There are two peppers for a reason.

Get The Key To My Heart

Heart no Kagi wo Te ni Irero by Mitsuki Emi
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 3/5 Peppers

Get The Key To My Heart starts off with a pretty rough encounter: Suzuki, who just moved to the area to start a new job, is visited at his apartment by a drunk stranger who is pretty deep in his feels. The stranger seems harmless and the two end up making a day out of the whole ordeal. When Suzuki shows up to work for his first day he comes to learn this stranger is his manager, Shiga. Not only that, Suzuki learns that Shiga used to date his sister.

While the initial premise is MESSY, the story is surprisingly heartwarming. If there is one thing I hate is when a love story involves dating two members of the same family. It is just NOT realistic to me. So normally, this would cause me to immediately drop a story but somehow Get The Key To My Heart manages to tell this story in a way that I’m rooting for my pair to make it through.

This boy’s love story also deals with so much more than just love, as Suzuki is dealing with his own confidence and self-worth issues personally. Shiga is also dealing with his own feelings about his worth and how he handles relationships.

The Loose Cat Can’t Stand Curiosity

Bitch na Neko wa Koukishin ni Katenai by Tennohji Mio
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 5/5 Peppers

TW: Contains a flashback to sexual assault

The Loose Cat Can’t Stand Curiosity is one of those super trope-y Yaoi series that makes you cringe, but with your eyes opened so that you can keep reading. The elements of the story are just cheesy enough to make you shake your head, but the fantasy of the relationship is fun and enjoyable.

Kyoseke is a model who is trying to break into the acting and TV industry. While on set one day, he happens to meet one of the staff member’s Fujishima, under unfavorable circumstances. The two turn this unlikely meet-cute into friends with benefits situation and as always, drama ensues.

While the romance and tribulations are easily predicted from a mile away, this manga is worth reading for Fujishima alone. This man is fine af, and very worthy of the 5/5 pepper rating! This story is composed of three volumes, which are all available on Futekiya.

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