The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague Episode 3 Review

the ice guy and his cool female colleague

It is getting harder and harder to watch The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague without jumping up and down my couch, a la Tom Cruise circa that Oprah interview. I just cannot get over how adorable Fuyutsuki and Himoru are. This entire episode had me screaming (internally as to not wake up my child) the whole time.

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Wishful Thinking

The episode starts with both Himoru and Fuyutsuki in their homes waiting for the placement announcement from work. Himoru has decided to use Nyamero’s whiskers for wishing that he still works alongside Fuyutsuki. Luckily for everyone, they all get placed together!

The next day at work Himoru is over the moon to realize that Fuyutsuki is assigned to sit next to him and a snowfall ensues. I love when Himoru makes it snow around Saejima and Komori because their reactions are the best. Komori saying “yay” every time just further proves my point that I would totally be her if I was in the show.

Making a Move

Himoru decides that he wants to thank Fuyutsuki for what she’s done for him, especially in Okinawa. After turning to the internet, he settles on taking her out to dinner and has to figure out where to take her. He happens to overhear Fuyutsuki talking to Komori at lunch, where she says she’s not a picky eater.

While this should be good news for our ice guy, it adds to his stress because that leaves so many options on where to take her! We learn that when Himoru is nervous, he can turn things into ice with his touch. This explains why Fuyutsuki encounters him completely frozen over in front of the vending machine.

When Himoru explains that he is nervous (thus making ice,) Fuyutsuki does what any normal person would do with a coworker. OFFER A MASSAGE!?!? Cut to Himoru shrieking in pain as Fuyutsuki is kneeled down, massaging his feet. May I remind you, AT WORK! In a public space where anyone can walk in at any time! I was laughing so hard at the escalation but I commend my girl for taking action this way.

As weird as it was, the massage worked and Himoru was finally able to ask Fuyutsuki to dinner for that evening!

First Date Blunders

Before I get into the date, I just need to know what type of work these two do. Because that restaurant Himoru took Fuyutsuki to was NICE. Floor-to-ceiling windows, stained glass, and chandeliers!

Both of them were so nervous, they wanted to talk to each other but didn’t know what to say! Then when Fuyutsuki stepped away to take a work call, the waiter approached Himoru and asked him if he was on a date. Right when he answered “yes,” Fuyutsuki returned and confirmed that she heard that. Queue our ice guy melting away.

Where to Now

Back at work the next day, Saejime and Himoru overhear Komori and Fuyutsuki talking about Himoru. Specifically, how Fuyutsuki feels about him. Fuyutsuki admits that she doesn’t know much about him, they have a hard time talking, and she doesn’t even know his contact information. But even with all that, she still likes him and wants to get to know him better. She even said she wants to build a snowman with him! Himoru takes advantage of this and later on asks Fuyutsuki to exchange contact information! WE ARE GETTING SOMEWHERE!

I honestly fall more and more in love with this anime every episode. While the massage part was out there, the rest is such a true depiction of having a crush and wanting more to come of it. Both Himoru and Fuyutsuki are in a wonderful place of really wanting to keep connecting with each other. Fuyutsuki having Himoru’s picture as her home screen was just *chef’s kiss! *

The episode ends with a clip showing the red-haired guy from the OP and I’m so ready for his character introduction next week. I also can’t wait to see how Himoru and Fuyutsuki progress!

You can watch The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague on Crunchyroll.

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