The Cat Proposed: March Manga Madness Day 24

The Cat Proposed Manga cover

Day 24 of #MarchMangaMadness: The Cat Proposed by Dento Hayane published by Tokyopop.

I remember getting The Cat Proposed completely on a whim since I had no idea what it would be about. Immediately upon the first few pages, I knew it was nothing like what I thought it would be. For me, I think the cover makes it look like a fun, whimsical, little story. The story is fun and whimsical, at times. But there is more than just that.

The lead of the story is struggling with depression and at one point, is so tired and burnt out, they are considering suicide. They are essentially rescued by the other lead. I found myself crying at this story because the feelings came across so clearly. Someone who is just tired and wants it all to end. Luckily for our lead, the other character was able to help him through this.

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