NEWS: True Beauty Anime Adaptation Announcement – Anime NYC 2023 Recap

It’s pretty easy to see that fans of webtoons have been winning lately and this major announcement is proof. Crunchyroll announced this past weekend at Anime NYC that the animated adaptation of the South Korean webtoon, True Beauty, will be coming to the streamer in 2024.

True Beauty is written and illustrated by Yaongyi. It has been adapted into a live-action television series as well. I’ll be honest, plots like this give me so much anxiety! But the story looks too good for me to ignore so I will have to power through regardless.

Jugyeong, who transformed herself with makeup, transfers to Saebom High School to leave her past of being bullied behind. The school is known for producing idols, actors, and influencers, thanks to its unique tradition of anonymous voting for the school’s True Beauty goddess. The chosen student gets scouted by entertainment agencies.

Jugyeong quickly becomes the center of attention, gaining the title of the next goddess candidate and mingling with Sujin, the former two-time goddess. However, Sujin’s friendly facade hides a malicious intent. She aims to bring Jugyeong down using cunning tactics and traps.

Determined not to be a victim again, Jugyeong confronts Sujin, vowing to become the next goddess. She engages in a fierce voting war while concealing her makeup-free face. However, things take unexpected turns when Suho Lee, the school’s heartthrob, accidentally sees her bare face, and Jugyeong crosses paths with the enigmatic SeoJun Han, who is determined to unveil her true identity.

As Jugyeong’s life becomes more entangled with these two, a thrilling tale of beauty, intrigue, and self-discovery unfolds. Will Jugyeong conquer it all or succumb to the pressures of the beauty-obsessed world around her? Dive into the world of “True Beauty” and let the drama unfold!

Official Synopsis

True Beauty can be read on WEBTOON.

Source: Crunchyroll Press Release

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