7 Anime Movies To Get You Through The Election

I’ll be honest with you all, this election has been absolutely draining. My anxiety has been through the roof and I have been waiting for this to just END. It has already been predicted that the election results may not be available until late, so it may be a long day for anyone waiting to see who won. Whether you work or not, you may need something to do or watch in the off time to distract you through the day (or even week.) Why not watch some anime movies?

While there are a lot of great anime movies out there, some like a lot of Studio Ghibli hits have political undertones about war, which may not be what you want to see while trying to distract you from your real life and this mess we are in. Now not every anime movie will be happy go lucky, some may make you think and even cry but sometimes a good release of emotions is needed! Here is a list of anime movies for you to escape to.

A Whisker Away

A Whisker Away definitely gives off major Studio Ghibli vibes without the double political meaning. It’s a whimsical tale about a girl who can transform into an adorable cat to hang out with her crush. While some parts are cringey (even for me Queen of lovey and weird stuff,) it is an adorable watch that allows you to get sucked into a magical cat world. (Available on Netflix.)

Flavors of Our Youth

Flavors of Our Youth gives you three short stories in one visually stunning piece. The stories range from food to family to young love and all leave you with a feel-good feeling. All together the movie is a little over an hour and you can stop after each story, take a break, and jump back into it. I highly recommend having snacks because the first story is all about food and it makes your mouth WATER. (Available on Netflix.)

A Silent Voice

I contemplated adding A Silent Voice to this list because this movie made me bawl in movie theaters. Kim K ugly cry. This movie is beautiful, but it is also very heart breaking. It deals with themes of bullying, disabilities, suicidal ideations, and redemption. So why would I add it to this list of movies to get you through one of the most scariest elections? Simply, because for the 130 minutes of this movie, I did not think about myself or my life. With its beautiful art, soundtrack, and storytelling, A Silent Voice consumes you and doesn’t spit you out until it’s over and you’re a mess of emotions. I get this may not be what everyone wants to feel, but for those who want to feel someone else’s life, this is a great place to go. (Available on Netflix.)


If there is one thing to know about, it is that I am a Mamoru Hosoda STAN. His movies The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, The Digimon Movie(s), Summer Wars, and Wolf Children are on my all time favorite movies list. If you have seen any of the aforementioned movies, you just know what I mean. But if you haven’t, you need to watch his latest film, Mirai, and find out.

Mirai centers around a family, specifically a little boy named Kun who is NOT happy about his new little sister Mirai arriving and essentially ruining his life. Centering family, love, and fantasy, this movie is the perfect mix of wholesome and magical to get you through. (Available on Netflix.)

Kiki’s Delivery Service

It is hard to believe that the beloved classic, Kiki’s Delivery Service turned 31 years old this year! Last year, on the 30th anniversary, I went to the theaters to rewatch it and fell in love with the movie all over again, even though I’ve seen it so many times. Kiki’s Delivery Service follows a witched named, you guessed it, Kiki and her journey coming into her own as a witch. She moves away from home and has to figure it out on her own, with her adorable cat Jiji. This movie is a Studio Ghibli classic and with good reason. It’s loving, warm, funny, and timeless. (Available on HBO Max.)

The following movies cannot be streamed on services, however, they can be rented through services like Amazon or Youtube.

Your Name / Kimi no Na wa

I can’t think of Kimi no Na wa without getting chocked up, tears filling my eyes, and a deep feeling in my chest. This movie is my second favorite movie of all time and it is pure perfection. I can’t even describe it because it is just THAT GOOD. And I’m not hyping it up: this movie beat out a record in Japan held by only Spirited Away, and y’all know how good Spirited Away is. Kimi no Na wa is funny, brilliant, heart warming, and heart breaking all in one. If you need a good ass cry, this is the one.

Ride Your Wave

Okay I lied. If you really want to cry, I mean full on sob, Ride Your Way is it. I’m holding back tears typing this. I saw Ride Your Wave in theaters pre-corona lockdown in February and came home and cried my way through a review video. Ride Your Wave is a beautiful story about life, love, and learning to find yourself. While it definitely has some fantasy elements, at its core it is a story about the human experience, what we love, and the things that matter the most to us.

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