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Fictional age gap relationships in Boy’s Love always made me nervous. If I saw a story described with an “age gap” I stayed clear because I didn’t know how to handle it. I’m someone who is very strong in my moral convictions in *real life*. As a result, it is hard for me to suspend disbelief and let some things go for fiction.

This year I’ve been consuming a lot of manga, spanning different genres like Yaoi, Josie, and Seinen, which is targeted toward adults. I was met with a lot of concepts that challenge my own personal beliefs. While the stories may be on the “slice of life” side, the situations in them are still highly unlikely to fly in real life.

I have come to realize that it is okay for me to shut off the part of my brain that screams this isn’t okay” when consuming some stories. It doesn’t make me a bad person nor does it mean I would ever be okay with these things in real life (trust me, I absolutely wouldn’t.) Part of being a multifaceted person, as we all are, is being able to compartmentalize different things and this is just one of those.

All that being said, as someone who was late in letting “age gap” stories into her life, I have now found that I am obsessed with them and seek them out. As a result, I’ve compiled 5 of my favorite Age Gap stories on the digital boy’s love manga subscription service, Futekiya.

Alcohole Communication

Aruko-hōru Communication by Taratsumi John
Cover of Boy's Love Manga Alchole Communication
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 2/5 Peppers

Alcohole Communication is a collection of Boy’s Love one-shots but the story I’m here for in takes place in Chapters 1-3. In what seems to be a college dive bar, two strangers who are at completely different places in their life have a movie-esque meeting.

Nao is a man who works in design and is pretty lackluster about his life. His previous girlfriend left him because he was too absorbed in his work. Tomo is an art college student, gearing up for his final project. The two meet at the bar while Tomo is drunk and they end up making plans to meet at an art exhibit.

The two hit it off and keep meeting at different art exhibits, not realizing that they are falling for each other. Nao struggles to let go of his past and Tomo has to come to terms with his feelings. This story is so pure and innocent, you can’t help but finish it with a smile on your face.

The Uninvited Cat and His Fickle Master

Kimagure Goshujin to Oshikake Neko by ko
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 3/5 Peppers

If there is ever a story that is so whimsical you can only laugh and just give in to it, this one is it. The Uninvited Cat and His Fickle Master is on the border of whimsical and insanity, with pure nonsense mixed in. Despite all that, it is just too cute to pass up.

Rikuo is a college student who arrives home one day to a grown man outside of his door. The man tells Rikuo he is actually the cat he encountered before and asks Rikuo to take him in. Rikuo does what any sane college student would do, and takes this complete stranger in. He even names him Tama.

I know this premise is wild and the best part is Rikuo knows it too. However, the two grow closer and are able to get down to the bottom of this mysterious “cat man.”

Lonely Playground

by Dayoo
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 4/5 Peppers

The story in Lonely Playground is truly one that our wildest fantasies are made of. In it, Keisuke is a 21-year-old restaurant worker who is fooling around while not having a serious boyfriend. He meets a sad-looking salaryman, Yukifumi, who is also looking for a hookup and they take each other home.

What starts as a sexy hookup, turns into an exciting love triangle. You see Yukifumi is involved in a 7 year entanglement with his married boss! Keisuke gets immediately hooked on Yukimufi and isn’t about to let him go to some older man. Every chapter ends on a spicy cliffhanger which leaves you as obsessed as Keisuke

A Touch of the Love Bug

Irokoimushi by Torico
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 4/5 Peppers

I am a complete SUCKER for a Yakuza plot in a Boy’s Love. Whew, the drama, the lies, the murder, the pain – give it to me, please! This story has all of that and more. I usually wait until Futekiya has all the chapters so I can read it in one go, but this story had me in such a chokehold I logged in every day to read the new chapters.

This story revolves around Takamura, an underling for a crime group who is trying to get intel on the rival group. In order to do this, he tries seducing the enemy boss “whore.” Of course, the one who ends up being seduced is Takamura, who falls in love with Renge. But being from enemy organizations only spells out trouble for both of them.

Revival Blue

by itz
Futekiya Spicyness Rating: 2/5 Peppers

REVIVAL BLUE! There aren’t enough words to describe how much I love this story. In my opinion, Revival Blue is a great way for a Boy’s Love manga to handle a big age gap in a way that is appropriate.

Minato is a 14-year-old boy, who has just come out to family and close friends. His family rents out their home each summer, and in the summer of 2009, he meets one special boarder, Naoki. Naoki is in town dealing with or avoiding past demons.

This summer changes everything for Minato, who spends his time hanging out with Naoki and discovering himself. While he falls in love with Naoki, Naoki does not reciprocate those feelings and leaves at end of the summer. However, 10 years pass, and the two reunite in Tokyo once Minato is an adult.

This story is so tender and so sweet, I find myself revisiting it often. If you were a fan of Stranger by the Shore, you will definitely enjoy this one.

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