TWOI Bites: West Reading Wine Walk

Listen y’all, if there are two things I love easily, it’s wine and walking! So when my Eventbrite suggested the West Reading Wine Walk, I was all aboard. I texted my sister Jay and told her to get ready to walk and wine the night way. The tickets were $10 each ($12 something after Eventbrite fees but could be purchased in person as well) and worth every penny.

My list before I got it wet in the rain

Although it was raining all afternoon and into the evening, my sister and I were determined to not let the rain ruin our fun. I grabbed my rain jacket and chucks, while Jay grabbed her umbrella and we made our way down Penn Ave. We decided to start all the way at the top of the list (3rd street) and work our way down. Before we left the house, we decided to pregame with some pineapple wine for safe measure.

Jay’s a huge Star Wars fan so we wined in style

The first stop was Brewers where we got slushie wine. Out of all the wine we had, this one was definitely my favorite because it was a slushie! It definitely took a while to walk down there but it was worth it starting there and hitting the rest of the stops after.

Jay broke her shot glass right after this picture was taken

Next up was Tina’s Salon and Day Spa. I didn’t realize that the list included places that weren’t bars and restaurants, so this was a nice surprise. There we had something that was bubbly and really nice. All the women working were so nice and friendly, and they even had light up buttons and necklaces for all the Wine Walkers.

If you look real close, you can see Jay’s broken cup

Betula’s Botanica was next and they were the first place to not have their wine in the bottles. As a botanica lover, I was instantly in love with the shop. The great thing about the Wine Walk is being able to discover places you normally wouldn’t enter. The owner, Monica, was super friendly and gave us a lot of information on her shop and the products they carry.

Chalkboard labels? Say less.

For the next stop, we crossed the street over to GNA Pizzeria. At this point, a lot of people kept asking me if I wanted them to take a picture of my sister and I since I kept having my camera out. It’s a bit awkward to explain that you are vlogging/blogging but I appreciated the kindness of others to offer. GNA had a very dark and bitter wine (for me, I’m a pink/white sweet kinda gal.)

Jay finished mine too

We crossed back over and hit up Sweet Ride. This was my first encounter with Sweet Ride Ice Cream but I can assure you, it won’t be my last. The entire shop is right out of a 50’s/60’s ice cream parlor dream. Bright blue walls, beautiful old style decor, and the friendliest workers. They made the Wine Walk extra special by pairing their wine with a small ice cream cone. I got the watermelon wine paired with a vanilla cone and it was to die for!

Yes, dessert first is always a must!

Sweet Surprises, which is right next door, was next and it was truly a surprise! I had no idea this little shop existed but after tonight, I surely won’t forget. It took all my strength not to indulge in all the mouth-watering treats they had displayed. My sister Jay ended up giving in to temptation and buying a smores treat.

It was hard to get my camera to focus on the wine and not all the treats in the back

Art Plus Gallery was next and it was also a new place to me. The small gallery reminded me of some of the tiny galleries I had seen back in Miami. The lady serving the wine was so nice and funny, I’m sure we stayed a few extra minutes just chatting it up with her.

I always choose white because usually it is sweeter

Muddy Creek Soap Company was the only place we encountered with a line out of the door. But once we got inside, we immediately understood why. The inside was absolutely gorgeous. First off, it smelled like heaven inside from all the handmade soaps and body stuff. Secondly, the displays were so unique and cute, it was hard not to spend your time looking at everything.

Chatty Monks was next and as a bar, they already knew that people who have been drinking wine would want food! They had bags of pretzels ready to go and had a 15% off coupon to go with it.

Another one of my fave wines of the night

Curious on the Avenue was hands down my favorite place of the night! I had no idea that behind the store front, there was so much magic. Two floors, a magical garden, and a carriage house. Jay and I were absolutely blown away by how beautiful and unique every single part was. We even stopped and took pictures.

You can buy this lighting
You can tell I’m many wine shot glasses in

The third to last stop (and last place I took pictures) was Third Eye/ New Age shop. The place was filled with crystals, jewelry, and more. My sister ended up getting her cards read and felt like she got a very accurate reading. I ended up purchasing two beautiful bracelets and having a great chat with one of the owners.

Overall, the West Reading Wine Walk was soooo worth it. My sister and I had such a great time exploring West Reading, meeting new people, both owners and other walkers, and drinking wine. Every stop got better and better and even though it rained, everyone still came out and made the best out of the experience. Easily the best $10 I’ve spent in a while! This is a great activity to do among friends and/or family on a weekday night.

Vlog of the walk will be up Friday on my Youtube Channel! Be sure to subscribe!


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