TWOI Bites: Queen City Family Restaurant

One thing to know about me is that I am a creature of habit. I have my favorite things, favorite places, favorite foods and I don’t mess around with those. One of those things, places, and foods can all be wrapped up in one: the diner. I got my love of diners from my dad. He loves the diner! You can find him and my mom at the diner almost every other Sunday.

My husband and I crashing my parents at the Queen City

For a lot of my peers, the diner is that “after the party” spot. We’d roll in 10-15 people deep around 2-3am, and fill our tipsy bellies with pancakes, waffles, fries, and more delicious fatty goodness. While for me that’s definitely cool, I prefer to go to the diner bright and early Sunday morning.

When my family moved to Reading, our staple diner became Queen City. Queen City, which is located right across the Bingaman street bridge, was the closest to us location wise. I’ve been going to Queen City for as long as I can remember. To me, there is no other diner that is superior.

My nephew’s first Queen City outing

On the surface, Queen City looks like your average diner. You know the look: the red or green leather-esq booths, a brightly lit glass display of cheesecakes and chocolate cakes, a fresh salad and soup bar, friendly waitresses, big and colorful plastic menus, and of course, the best breakfast options for the low-low. But there is more to Queen City than this and that detail truly sets them apart. Their love for READING! Inside the walls are adorned with Reading School District teams from different sports. There are framed signed jerseys from previous players, pictures of winning moments, and big banner that reads “KNIGHT’S KINGDOM!” The outside has beautiful murals of the Pagoda that you may have seen from my photoshoot there.

Photo by Retorocle

My favorite thing about Queen City is the people. Once you start going frequently enough, you become part of the family. The waitresses remember you and greet you like an old friend. If a new person joins the staff, they are very kind and welcoming. You always see the staff having a good time together, and treating all the patrons the same. Even if they are at full capacity, you will get the same amazing treatment no matter what.

Behind the scenes of my photoshoot at Queen City with Retorocle

The other favorite part, and arguably the best part, is the food. No matter what time of the day it is, you will get the BEST quality food. It is always freshly made, delicious, and made with a lot of love. While I prefer breakfast food (I usually get two eggs with cheese, white toast, homefries, and ham, or an omelette,) the lunch and dinner options are just as good! I usually pick Queen City as my go to TWOI work meeting spot.

If this sounds like a love letter to Queen City, it is. It’s crazy how a place can fill you with such joy and happiness because of all the memories you have created there. Whether it was family breakfasts with my husband or my parents, introducing my nephew, late night eats after clubbing, or business meetings for lunch, Queen City has become a location that holds a lot of beautiful moments for me. Aside from my own personal connection, Queen City is a place full of beautiful history and is a true treasure in our city. Be sure to let me know if you go, I might just join you!

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