5 Tips for Letting Go (of Your Clothes)

I’m not going to lie – I think I’m a hoarder. But not like a Hoarders, hoarder. More like a baby hoarder. It has been hard to admit that but as I’ve moved, cleaned, and reorganized, it became undeniable: I own A LOT of shit. Most recently it became obvious when I decided to clean out my closet.

Lately I’ve been so tired of my clothes. Because I’m in the slow process of losing weight, a lot of things don’t fit anymore. Or if they do “fit,” they’re not flattering. Being that I’m “frugal-ish,” I didn’t want to get rid of anything until I bought new clothes. However, everytime I went shopping I just couldn’t find clothes I liked. Everything was boring! Nothing in the stores (or online) inspired me. There was nothing that I needed to have in my closet.

After a few unsuccessful shopping trips in persona two weeks ago, I finally dawned on me: I wasn’t going to find anything new until I let go of the old! The universe was going to force me to confront my (low key but high key) hoarding issue before it allowed me to be inspired enough to buy something new.

That day I went home and got to work. In about four hours, I was able to sort my closet, leaving it much emptier but also more fulfilling and refreshed. Here’s what worked for me:

Dump All Your Clothes

I’m very visual. I got to see it all, baby. So the first thing I did was take my dresser and my closet and dump it on my bed. Drawer after drawer, I saw the hills on my bed rise up. I knew I had a lot of clothes but I didn’t know I had that much clothes. It felt like the first time in years I was seeing some of my stuff. This was essential, though, and served two purposes: 1) It was easier to get rid of stuff knowing what else I had left and 2) It made sure I could not rest until I finished the job.

Make Piles/Get Bags

This one seems almost too easy but when you have so much stuff, you might miss this. I quickly defined two piles: the trash pile for items that weren’t staying and the donation pile which went right into a TJ Maxx reusable bag. The clothes I was keeping got put away immediately!

Try Everything On!

This is another one that seems like a no brainer but I can’t tell you how many times I put away the same item of clothing and never knew it didn’t fit. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been losing weight steadily for over a year. As a result, a lot of stuff just didn’t work anymore. I realized while trying on clothes the stuff I thought was too small finally fit and the things I was sure still looked good were often baggy or unflattering. In the donation bag they went!

Don’t Get Emotionally Attached

Listen, if there is a queen of being emotional, it is me. I am wayyyy too emotional and that also goes for my clothes. I am also the queen of memories. I can almost always remember what I was wearing when something special happened. “Omg I wore this shirt that one time that stranger complimented me!” I can also remember clothing I received as gifts which is the worst for me. I feel really really bad getting rid of a gift! This in turn has resulted in me having things that no longer fit or are not in style. I finally had to pull the plug on some stuff and let it go! Sorry gift giver, I know you won’t even remember it.

Stop Thinking of the “What Ifs”

A beautiful trait about Aquarians, is that we are very creative. We also like planning and thinking ahead. Your girl plans *mostly* everything, and when it comes to my clothes, there is no exception. I have held on to certain pieces for YEARS because of a future outfit. Many pieces never seeing the light of day because of this. I think I’m so clever holding on to things just waiting to come out on top like the style queen only to really be just an average joe with a hoarding problem.

Don’t be fooled- I am no Marie Kondo. I haven’t even read the book (yet) or watched the show (yet.) I’m no style or organizational guru. I’m just getting older, and part of that journey for me is realizing how much of my spirit and mental space is affected by my surroundings. In all of its forms. Whether it’s the people I keep close or the state of my closet, these things have an impact on me. Since cleaning out my closet, I haven’t gone shopping. But I did discover items I was sleeping on because they were tucked away somewhere. I feel more inspired by what I currently own and I’m slowly feeling out what I want to buy next.

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Main Image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/white-clothes-hanging-on-gray-clothes-hanger-1459359/



  1. As a fellow Aquarius I can totally relate! I too save all my clothes for when it could be re-worked to a future outfit. This post was very timely as I planned to clean out my closet this weekend. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Being someone who loves having a lot of stuff around have attached an emotional value to each piece this really hits me. Well, I still have hard time letting my old clothes go–I sometimes just try to flip them around by cropping them or adding some details 😛


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