Dominicans to Support In Reading, PA!

Feliz dia de la Independencia mi gente! *insert airhorn noise* *queue “platano con salami” song* As most Dominicans, I am very proud to be Dominican. As most people know, Dominicans are very proud to be Dominicans.

Most of my peers remember Dominican Independence day back at Reading High. Kids flooding the streets with Dominicans colors, flags, and platanos and salamis they stole from mami’s fridge. Someone grabbed a guira and una tambora and it was a whole show.

I’m not sure if kids go that hard nowadays but if they don’t, that’s cool. Being Dominican (or any ethnicity/race for that matter) doesn’t have conditions. It doesn’t matter how many times you go to DR in a year, how well you can speak Spanish, or what you eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re Dominican, you’re Dominican – dassss it.

One thing about being Dominican is that most of us are very supportive of our own. A Dominican winning is like us personally winning. Dominicans can identify every single time Drake has referenced us in a song, can tell you how many Dominicans are in Hollywood, and how many have played in an MLB game. It just is what it is.

That being said, in honor of our beautiful day, I wanted to create a directory of sorts for us to support each other in Reading! There are definitely more than this so if your business is missing, please let me know and I’ll add it!

Dominican Restaurants


La Casa Del Chimi

Mi Casa Su Casa

Ana Restaurant La Reina Del Mangu

JetSet Restaurant


Image may contain: text

Fine Linez Barbershop

Cars and Auto Shops

No photo description available.

Migz Custom Empire

T&E Auto Repair

A&C Auto Service

Creatives/ Music/ Youtubers

John Zabala

Jeff Cabreja

Curly Sisterhood

Elias Guzman

Giselle Marie


Make Up Artists


Beauty By Dariana

Other Small Business

All in One Smoke Shop

Mobile Smart

Sunday Dolphin Beard Co

Super Natural Produce

Josefina Bakery

Sarai Variety Flower Shop


  1. I went to RHS today and the kids were wearing the DR colors and they had a speaker on top of a car with some Dominican music and were wearing the flag around their necks like a cape. Myself as a Puerto Rican and you know we Puerto Rico also love to wave our flag was very happy to see these young kids proud of a place they might have never even been to, but proud because their parents instilled in them that pride. I freaking love it.


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