The Ebony Luxe Collection Fashion Show

When I arrived to the Goggle Works, I knew this night was going to be unforgettable. I excitedly made my way to the fourth floor and as soon as I walked through the purple doors, I felt it. The room was buzzing. The room was set up with a main catwalk, and two smaller ones on each side. As the room was filling up, I noticed little gift boxes on the empty chairs and in the hands of those already seated. The photobooth area was adorned with black and gold glitter curtains and a beautiful logo backdrop. There was a section for food and drinks decorated to match. No detail went unnoticed.

My very cute VIP giftbox

At first glance, it was hard to tell who was a model walking in the show or an attendee. Everyone was dressed to impress and made a statement. It was clear that many of the audience members had a passion for fashion and were waiting for something like this to show it off.

The Ebony Luxe Collection Fashion Show was like nothing ever before seen in Reading. From the venue set up to the attendees, it truly created a new lane in town.  The fashion show showcased Ebony Luxe’s newest collections which ranged from casual slay, glam,  leopard and snake prints, bright neon to a men’s collection and more. There was something in the collection for everyone. Models of all sizes and skin tones showcased  outfit after outfit, making each one look amazing. Each piece was unique and truly made the wearer stand out. Every piece was flattering to the person wearing it. And it didn’t stop there. The models were gorgeous; each looking stunning with beautiful makeup and hair. 

It has been very clear since Ebony Luxe Collection launched that its founder and designer, Altavase Williams, is a forc to be reckoned with. Not only does she design jaw dropping pieces, she makes sure to cater to a diverse clientele in both body size and skin tones. This fashion show was a clear labor of love and we’re all so proud of Altavase and all the people involved. I know this is only the beginning for Altavese and Ebony Luxe Collection.

Thank you for letting me document this amazing event!


  1. Great piece! I agree this event has definitely woken up a part of urban art that was waiting to be seen and heard. I can’t wait for her future shows and lines! Great to see you there Lisa!

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