All Eyes on You – David Nazario

Last year, I created the “Who to Watch” list, which spotlighted 16 creatives or entrepreneurs from Reading, PA. In honor of the new list approaching, I followed up with the 2018 class to see what they’ve done since we started watching them.

Picture courtesy of Retorocle.

How has your company/ brand/ you grown?

My company and brand have grown in a number of ways. This year I became a published author, book editor and college professor.I’ve also been able to expand my reach as a speaker and entrepreneur.

What did you accomplish this year?

I released my first book, Make Love Your Religion: How To Put Love First & Succeed at Doing What You Love in April of this year. I also launched a successful national book tour to promote it. I’ve taken on a role as an adjunct professor at Reading Area Community College and had the privilege of editing a book of poetry for an up and coming writer out of Philadelphia. Last but not least, I partnered with People Chronicles to produce two shows, one that will focus on community stories in Reading, and another one that will focus on the themes in Make Love Your Religion.

What is the biggest lesson you learned?

The biggest lesson I learned this year is that my very tight-knit circle loves me unconditionally.

Has your “why” changed?

My “why” has not changed. My “why” is still to write and help as many people as possible.

What’s next for 2019?

In 2019, I will continue touring Make Love Your Religion, making stops in California and Minnesota to start the year off. I will continue writing Make Love Your Religion Part II and begin the European leg of my book tour. I plan to finish converting Make Love Your Religion into a children’s book too, and will begin making it into an audiobook in 2019. I will have it translated in Spanish as well. I’m also looking to do more coaching and teaching remotely, and lastly, I have partnered with Mi Casa Su Casa to launch a monthly brunch series that will begin in February!

You can read David’s 2018 “Who To Watch” entry here.

You can find David on his website, Make Love Your Religion. You can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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