All Eyes on You – Henry Calvo

Last year, I created the “Who to Watch” list, which spotlighted 16 creatives or entrepreneurs from Reading, PA. In honor of the new list approaching, I followed up with the 2018 class to see what they’ve done since we started watching them.

How has your company/ brand/ you grown?

I started a new brand called “Legend Fitness.” My new logo is a rhino. The rhino is a legend and its legacy will continue to thrive as it has survived countless years.  We owe it to the rhino to keep its image alive and strong. Legend FIT!

What did you accomplish this year?

Aside from the new logo, I also got my USA Boxing book which means I’m officially a boxing coach.  I also completed two Spartan races and two 5k runs. I  was in the paper for fitness and we had our first boxing show in October for Star City Boxing.

What is the biggest lesson you learned?

I’ve already learned this lesson but this was an eye opener again and that’s the lesson of being patient and timing. 

Has your “why” changed?

It has not changed. If anything the “why” just got capitalized WHY. It’s motivating and still fulfilling. 

What’s next for 2019?

I plan to release the brand with a photo shoot. Continue to train my clients. And other fitness surprises. 

You can read Henry’s 2018 “Who To Watch” entry here.

You can follow Henry Calvo on Instagram here and follow LGND Fitness on Instagram here.

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