All Eyes on You – BEANZ

Last year, I created the Who to Watch list, which spotlighted 16 creatives or entrepreneurs from Reading, PA. In honor of the new list approaching, I followed up with the 2018 class to see what they’ve done since we started watching them.

Picture courtesy of Andrew Kelley, @47_ak

How has your company/ brand/ you grown?

              I have grown in so many ways! I look at a lot of things differently now. Over the past year, I’ve just been working on music for the vaults until I’m ready to put out another project. My brand has only gotten better and bigger and the movement is nonstop. I just started putting out merch too which has been going super well for me. Overall this last year has treated me and my brand well, and I look forward to everything that’s coming.

What did you accomplish this year?

This year I acquired a lot of dope connections! I also made a lot of dope music! I feel like I’ve finally found my niche and I’m super excited to share this new music with y’all. I got something coming at the end of year that’s gonna be really dope. A lot of my supports are going to be surprised, but proud nonetheless.

What is the biggest lesson you learned?

Biggest lesson I learned is never depend on anyone for shit. If you can get it done yourself, DO IT.

Has your “why”changed?

My why will never change. I do it all for the culture.. I am HipHop.

What’s next for 2019?

What’s next is a lot of new content, a lot of new merch, and a lot more work. I’ll keep grinding until I get to where I wanna be. Then grind harder to keep my spot.

You can read BEANZ 2018 “Who To Watch” entry here.

You can follow BEANZ on InstagramTwitter, Facebook, and follow her on YouTube. You can also find her on her website beanzgotbars,com

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