The Art of Letting Go

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It’s funny the things we hold on to. Whether it is a box filled with your school year memories or those shoes that are super uncomfortable but you just know you’re going to need them somewhere down the line, sometimes we just don’t want to get rid of things. When it comes to physical belongings, your girl is a hoarder. I have boxes to electronics I no longer own, clothes that are no longer in season, and food items I won’t ever eat but can’t seem to get rid of. But when it comes to emotional weight, I’m as light as a feather. Isn’t that ironic?

I’ve always believed that in order to grow, we must let go of the things that no longer serve us. A lot of the time, we’re surrounded by people who can’t seem to “let go.” They’re still upset about that event that took place so many years ago. If something goes wrong in the morning, they’ll remain upset the entire day and maybe even the next. Or they can’t let go of their generational curses. They carry around the pain of their parents or their families that don’t belong to them. They absorb the negative energy from old relationships or friendships. In some way, we all know those who can’t let go.

Of course, “letting go” isn’t as easy as throwing away something that no longer works. Letting go is a process; it doesn’t happen all at once. It can be hard to let go of something you’ve carried for so long. It can be hard to see how carrying this weight was truly holding you back. Letting go is an art form. It’s accepting that something didn’t work out, that it hurt you, that it holds you back, and saying “I saw your purpose, I learned my lesson, and I don’t need you anymore.”



Photo: Taken by Lisa De La Cruz

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