Sunday Dolphin Beard Company – Hispanic Business Highlight

As part of National Hispanic Heritage Month, I am spending the entire month of September highlighting the Hispanic/Latinx community and the amazing small businesses we have in our community.


Sunday Dolphin Beard Company

Lancaster and Reading, PA





Frankel Tejada & Domingo Tejada




Sunday Dolphin Beard Company is a business that prides itself on quality, being 100% organic as well as being handcrafted in small batches. The company started in April 2017; we were frustrated with over the counter beard products and decided to create our own. After several trials, we came up with the perfect combination and blend of natural carrier oils and essential oils. We started out by giving products to family, friends, and barbers; they loved it and kept asking for more. This soon grew to become Sunday Dolphin Beard Company. We currently sell Beard Oils, Beard Balms, Combs & Boar Bristle Brushes. We carry 3 different scents of our beard oils: Forrest Cane, Woodland & Summer Silk and we are currently working on a beard shampoo. Our goal is to change how beards are perceived globally and in professional settings, as well as provide education in men’s health and beauty. A Sunday Dolphin man is a classy man.

How has being Hispanic/Latino impacted your business?

Being Hispanic has impacted our business tremendously. The logo is actually our great-grandfather. He was one of the founders of Moncion in the Dominican Republic. The business was actually named after my father Domingo Delfin Tejada; Domingo Delfin literally translates to ‘Sunday Dolphin’. The name and the logo are directly connected to my heritage. Beard care products aren’t necessarily popular among the Hispanic community and we have been educating our community throughout the growth of our business.


How has your business impacted the Hispanic/Latino community?

I would say the average Hispanic/Latino is not familiar with the benefits of beard oils and beard balms. We have been educating our community on these topics. We also have been explaining why and how we should use these products and how to maintain a healthy beard. The biggest impact has been working with other Hispanic business owners and Hispanic investors. We have more collaborative plans in the future that we are extremely happy about.

TejadaWedding(845of659) 2 copy (1)

What challenges have you faced as a Latino/Hispanic business?

This is a very Caucasian/hipster dominated space in men’s health and beauty. If you’re Caucasian with a long beard you are perceived differently than a minority with a long beard and it’s unfortunate. However, we embrace this challenge and see it as a business opportunity within the community.

IMG_4011 copy


Please follow us on all Instagram @sundaydolphinbeard and like us on Facebook @sundaydolphinbeard . Peace, love, and happiness always. Visit us at

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