Migz Custom Empire – Hispanic Business Highlight

As part of National Hispanic Heritage Month, I am spending the entire month of September highlighting the Hispanic/Latinx community and the amazing small businesses we have in Reading, PA. 


Migz Custom Empire

Muhlenberg , PA



Miguel Nunez




Migz Custom Empire started about three years ago when I decided I wanted to start my own business. This was after noticing how many people enjoyed my personal work. I always had a passion for small projects but nothing like the devotion I have for cars. My business started very small where I only did small work for close friends and family. Trying new things has always been something I enjoyed in this business and everything I know has been self-taught.
Examples of what I do in my business are :
Wheel Painting
Fender Rolling
Hydro Dipping
Headlight Retrofit
Stereo installation
I work on many other different things on cars other than what has been listed above.



How has being Hispanic/Latino impacted your business?

Being Hispanic has impacted my business because I am very big on car culture and most car shows that I do attend are from the Hispanic community. Being a car enthusiast has helped me grow my business because anyone who is into the car culture has brought many different passions, ideas, and taste. This has taught me what I am capable of doing.



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