Curly Sisterhood Live!

I’ll preface this right away by saying that I do not have curly hair: my hair doesn’t curl, never has, never will. I’ve grown to accept that after 20 something years of growing up with a mom and two sisters that have curly hair. Don’t worry, I’m not bitter. I am still fascinated by curly hair. I love and embrace my own hair type, of course, but learning about different hair types is fun to me. Not to mention, my husband and his side of the family have the most gorgeous curls I’ve ever seen so if when we have kids, I will be prepared. When my bestie, Rachel, recently gave up using heat and fully embraced the natural life, I instantly supported her and started learning a lot.


Jiolka, Nicol, and Cory


All that being said,  I’ve been following The Curly Sisterhood group since the very beginning and have previously featured them on TWOI’s Who to Watch list.  Joilka, Nicol, and Cory created a group to share curly hair tips, tricks, and more! Using social media, they’ve been able to connect with other naturalistas and spread the message of embracing natural hair. (Be sure to check that post out for the full story on how they got started.) When they announced they were doing a live event, I knew I had to come and show my support. As an observer of the curly hair community, I know not everyone is informed about curly hair and curly care. This event was the first of its kind in Reading (to my knowledge,) and hopefully not the last.

The event was held at Mi Casa Su Casa restaurant and consisted of a live demonstration, question and answer segment, styling tips, and more. The event was in both English and Spanish. The group was also live streaming on Facebook and Instagram, to make sure those who couldn’t attend in person were still able to participate. The event was sponsored by Rizos Curls, a Latina founded curl product company. Rizos Curls provided free goodies for all those who attended and the girls also demonstrated how they used the products that were to be given out. They also had a vendor selling different curly hair products from numerous brands.



What I loved most about this event was the group in attendance. So many different women came, ranging in ethnicities, ages, and hair types. A few women brought a long their daughters, or younger sisters/family members. Everyone was listening very attentively, asking questions, and had suggestions for future events and content.


The next event is definitely a must for any naturalistas: new, old, just beginning or just curious. The Curly Sisterhood dropped so many hair gems, anyone can learn something new. Even if you’re not someone who has curly hair or wants it, the event was a great way to also socialize and meet new people. I’m so proud of the Curly Sisterhood for creating such a great event and am already counting down for the next one.


Checking in on the streams



Look at the volume 😍


The event photographer: my best friend and naturalista, Rachel




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