TWOI Bites: La Bandera Café – North Miami, FL

I woke up on last Friday wanting a really good and hearty breakfast. Those who know me know I don’t like most of the average American breakfast. Pancakes? Waffles? French Toast? Yeah, that’s a no from me, dog. But a bomb sandwich? Sign me right up. I’m a huge fan of Dominican breakfast sandwiches also known as tostadas. While I’m pretty sure you can eat a tostada any time of the day, it tastes better in the morning and especially if there are eggs included.


A quick Google search for breakfast led us to La Bandera Café, which I immediately recognized as a Dominican spot. When we walked in, I knew I was home.

This place reminded me of my favorite spots in DR. Frank Reyes was playing from the radio, the walls were that distinct Carribean yellow, and it was decorated with traditional Dominican paintings and handmade decorative items.


The cafe con leche was the sweetest and smoothest coffee I have ever had! All I was missing was some pan de agua to dip in it.


My tostada was perfect. Crispy with melted cheese, friend egg, and ham. Oscar got one with fried salami, fried cheese, eggs, and all the fixings. We both enjoyed them very much.

This place also serves “Los Tres Golpes,” (which Dominicans will recognize as mangu, salami, and queso frito,) chimis, natural juices, batidas, and more. The spot is small but clearly filled with a lot of love for our motherland. Whether you are Dominican or not, it is definitely worth the visit.




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