5 Dominican Creatives to Follow

Happy Dominican Independence Day! As a Dominican creative, it is important for me to follow and support other Dominican creatives. In a world where the media is saturated with the same faces, seeing people who look like me, that have similar backgrounds, and that I can relate to fuels my fire to continue this path even more. Our stories, like the stories of everyone else, deserve to be told, regardless of the medium. Below I have compiled a list of my favorite Dominican creatives across all platforms. Be sure to check out these creators and support their work.


Tony Peralta

of The Peralta Project

The Peralta Project is one of my favorite brands. Tony Peralta combines New York, Dominican, and hip-hop culture to create original artwork, clothing, accessories, and more. Tony’s pieces are dope and speak volumes on his background and upbringing. On top of selling his work online, he recently opened  Taller Peralta, a brick and mortar location where he not only sells his products, but houses workshops and more.

Ada Rojas

of All Things Ada

I discovered Ada a few months ago (thanks to my sister Dahiana who put me on to almost everyone on this list,) and instantly fell in love with her and her brand! Her blog covers a wide range of topics, she is a beautiful person inside and out, and she is super down to Earth. She takes the time to interact with her followers, creates workshops to share her talents, and is as real as it gets. As a creative, she definitely inspires me to keep working on my dreams. But even if you’re not a creative, she is still a great person to follow if you need daily motivation.


of Desus and Mero

I never wish I grew up in New York, until I hear Mero from Desus and Mero. Mero is your classic Dominican from New York. Everything about him is authentic and he cracks me up. I love listening to the podcast and catching him talking about his Dominican upbringing with his parents “Tito y Fifa.” If you catch him on the Desus and Mero show on Viceland, you may see him from time to time representing his Dominican roots by wearing originals by Tony Peralta.


Amanda Saviñón

of LoyalNana.co

When I first started blogging, Dahiana put me on to her friend’s blog, Loyal Nana. It was an instant follow because first of all, Amanda is gorgeous, but second, it was visually stunning. It was like no other blog I have seen before. The content was so fresh and different. That was 2 years ago, and in an ever changing world, Loyal Nana remains captivating. My favorite part is the Instagram account. Amanda is always out eating, and as a food lover, I love watching her eat and review foods and restaurants. If you follow people to vicariously live through them, I highly recommend you follow Loyal Nana.



of Distortedd


What initially drew me to Santana was learning that she was from my town, Reading, PA. I would see a lot of people I knew supporting her and I had to check her out. Santana is a multimedia artist who combines her love of anime, hip hop, and all things different to make the most unique pieces of art you’ll ever see. On top of being so talented, she is also so different. She’s covered in tattoos, dresses in goth/punk attire, and truly gives no fucks. As someone who has struggled with her Dominican identity before, it is refreshing to see someone in mainstream media being so different than other Dominicans yet still so proud of their heritage.


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